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Cadmium / The Hip Replacement   Rock

Tuesdays 23:00 - 01:00 GMT-0400 (EDT)
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Come experience the full range of sound in the vast genre of Metal. From its birth in the 1960's through today, from popular to obscure, Cadmium explores the entire spectrum. Join me on this journey into the the realm of METAL!

The Hip Replacement: 65% to 85% electronic music.

Hosted by with Jeremy / Steve S. (alternating)

Air studio phone: 434-924-3959
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This Show's Playlist (last or most recent selection at top of list):

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  • "Running Up That Hill" - Datassette vs Kate Bush
  • "Harmonics" - Fridge
  • "Twi" - Oval
  • "The teen keen skip" - Clouddead
  • "Addiction" - Kode9 and the spaceape
  • "Natural Blues" - Moby
  • "Freetime" - Kenna
  • "Umber Wall" - Gregory Alper Jeehun Hwang
  • "My Kingdom 2006 edit" - Future Sounds Of London
  • "King Of Snake Fatboy Slim Remix" - Underworld
  • "Arpeggios" - Plone
  • "June 9th" - Boards of Canada
  • "Lost in the k-hole" - The Chemical Brothers
  • "Ethereal Slap" - Odd Nosdam

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