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Willy DeVille Tribute on Induced to Judder

A Tribute to Willy DeVille
on Induced to Judder
Thursday, August 13, 2009, 9-11pm

Willy DeVille passed away last Thursday 8/6 of pancreatic cancer; David Eisenman and Charles Peale will be honoring his musical contributions on "Induced To Judder" Thursday, 8/13 at 9PM.

Willy DeVille's voice draws substance from his lyrics. He could be singing rock, soul, gospel-tinged songs, or Latin Gumbo but overriding all, each song is about love.

Often the "punk" label is applied to his band Mink Deville, and they did rub shoulders with musicians from the New York punk scene.

However, his music is more reminiscent of soul-sters like Gene Chandler or Ben E. King (of Spanish Harlem fame) to deep soul and blues. Moreover, his ability to croon a love song is legendary as for example the 1987 Oscar nomination for best music with Storybook Love from the movie The Princess Bride.

Please join us for a two-hour musical tribute to the fabulous Willy DeVille.

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