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Volunteer Profile: Michael Shelton

Name: Michael S. Trammell  (Yes, MichaelShelton is my real name.)

Joined WTJU:  Big thanks to a chance conversation with Rebecca Foster that led to my first hosting during the Jazz Marathonin the fall of 2005.  She ran the board and pitched while i selected & talked up the music.  Soon after, i went through the training and started subbing, having my first 'WOW'  moment the following March when Chick Corea - after standing us up twice for a phoner - stopped by for a live interview.  It was all last minute, and Bruce Koplin graciously allowed time out of his show to let it happen.  One minute into the interview though, i realized that i'd placed my notes out of reach, using memory & improv to carry through.  I was truly blown away when he asked for a copy - something his road manager said rarely happens.  He'd already autographed 4 albums, 4 CDs (including his latest release), and a copy of the book his newest work was based on when he invited me to the concert with a chance to meet the band backstage afterwards.  It was an incredible jolt to be backstage in a place where, earlier in my lifetime, i wouldn't have been allowed to enter through the front door.  Talk about a natural high!  Those cats up in the Russian space station are still scratching their heads trying to figure out what the hell it was that went floating by them.

Day Job: Part of the security team @ Martha Jefferson Hospital

Background:  Born in Harlem, raised in Washington Heights, NYC.  Started radio at two different college stations in Springfield, MA.  Moved back to NY in '81, got married & moved to Atlanta in '83 and attempted to raise a family.  Moved to Cville in '00 for a fresh start after it all went to hell.  Had a burgeoning massage practice from'06 -'08 until the economy tanked and vaporized it.

You're on a desert island, what five albums do you bring with you? I wouldn't want any albums in a desert.   Better to take a piano & tuning tools so i could work out all the music going on in my head.  It's a trick question, so here's a trick answer:  A box set of Duke, a box set of Trane, Rahsaan's 'Aces Back To Back', a box set of Miles, & Henry Threadgill's Complete Novus/Columbia box.

What makes you tick? The Web that has no weaver. 

Something most WTJUers wouldn't know about you: I'm a cancer survivor & i love trains (locomotives).

Favorite radio show besides your own: There is no one show...…and I don't have occasion to hear all of them.  Eg: I miss most of morning Jazz, and I know they all do a fine job.  Mad props to Gary's work with Living Time & The Cville Jazz Society

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