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Thomas Gunn Live on Folk & Beyond

Thomas Gunn
Live on Folk & Beyond with Aer Stephen
Thursday March 3, 2011, 6:00 PM

Thomas Gunn Photo by Aer Stephen

“Be careful what you wish for,
For wishes sometimes come true.
And they don’t always behave the way
We’d wish them to.”

So said the wishing well, so says Thomas Gunn in this new collection of original songs. Equal parts philosophy, storytelling and musicianship, “Conversations…” is simple, elegant and expansive. Also difficult to categorize. Is this folk music? Is this funny? Is this sad? Am I in danger here? Recorded in Charlottesville, Virginia, inspired by fairy tales and drawn from the same Virginia woodlands once frequented by Edgar Allen Poe, Thomas’s songs are a departure from the usual topics of song: immediately accessible yet offering multiple layers the deeper one looks, they are like fairy tales themselves, where what is being spoken about is often more important than what is being said. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Thomas has lived in Charlottesville for over a decade, where he spends much of his time walking, writing and teaching. He was most recently featured in a theatre production of the life of Hank Williams, Sr., playing the upright bass, and performs regularly in and around the Central Piedmont, solo, and regularly with Dallas Wesley and Lost Highway, and The Michael Clem Trio

Thomas will be performing on The Stage Café in C’ville Coffee at 8:00 PM on Saturday, March 5, with Michael Clem opening.

Conversations with a Wishing Well

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