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WTJU presents: Deefhoof at the Jefferson, Sept 22
DeerhoofBy Robert Packard, Rock Department

After releasing their eleventh album to date in January, Deerhoof is on tour and preparing to make a stop at Charlottesville’s Jefferson Theater.  Yet, this is far from the only wandering the band has done of late; recently, bandmates Greg Saunier, John Dieterich, Satomi Matsuzaki and Ed Rodriguez departed Deerhoof’s hometown of San Francisco, leaving behind not just memories, but the entire concept of what a “Deerhoof record sounds like.”

This change should hardly come as a shock.  After nearly 17 years on Earth, it’s time for Deerhoof, like many teens reaching the beginnings of adulthood, to make the most of their new found freedom.  And no one can deny that this is precisely what they’ve accomplished: “Deerhoof vs. Evil,” as their latest album is titled, is a self-recorded effort, mixed and mastered without any outside input, that brings the the band’s trademark chaotic energy to a whole new level.

Supporting Deerhoof during this concert are two acts local to Virginia: GULL, a one man outfit from Richmond, who delivers an atmospheric brand of indie rock, self-described on the band’s MySpace page as “religious;” and Invisible Hand, a Charlottesville-based four piece with near legendary status in the local music community, playing an energetic blend of indie power pop and rock.

Those of us here at WTJU are psyched about this show that’s sure to keep us rocking until the middle of the night.  Plus, as if that’s not enough, we’ve got three pairs of tickets to give away during the week of the show!

To find out more information, including ticket availability, show times and pricing, visit the Jefferson Theater’s website at

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