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PSA Writer Job Description

WTJU Public Service Announcement (PSA) Writer

Immediate Supervisor
General Manager
General Definition of Work
Write Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that publicize upcoming events (such as plays, art exhibitions, concerts and fairs) that are sponsored by nonprofit organizations in our area. The PSAs are then read on the air by WTJU announcers as a service to these organizations and our listeners. Click here for detailed guidelines for writing/editing PSAs.
Typical Tasks
Review all incoming press releases to determine if the organization and event qualify for a public service announcement. Make a copy of press releases for music and arts events and put the copies in the Arts Folder. If a large number of press releases has been received that week, prioritize them (using the criteria in the PSA Instructions) and select a manageable number. Determine if all the required information is provided and ask for any missing data. Draft the PSAs and print them on card stock. Log them in and file them in the announcers' PSA box. Review the contents of the PSA box. Remove any expired PSAs and make sure the current PSAs are filed properly.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Excellent writing skills required.
Education & Experience
Some college required; prior experience writing speeches/presentations would be helpful.
Conditions of Employment
Estimated time commitment
3-4 hours at home computer and a half hour at WTJU per week

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