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WTJU Presents Plants & Animals and others at 'Is'

WTJU Presents:
Plant & Animals
Straight Punch to the Crotch
These United States
at "Is", on West Main St.
Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Plants and Animals

Plants & Animals' EP "With/Avec" and the full-length "Parc Avenue" arrived at WTJU last February and immediately lodged themselves in our Top 30, remaining there for three solid months. The Montreal trio wound up in several DJs' Top 10 of 2008 lists, and evidently we weren't the only ones who dug their righteous rock. Straight Punch to the Crotch are new Charlottesville faves who have appeared on the Teej in recorded and live fashion. On Tuesday March 3rd, these bands will rock the new Is Venue (the old Starr Hill space, more info on the rock calendar) along with These United States. WTJU is proud to present Plants & Animals, Straight Punch to the Crotch, and These United States. Doors open at 8:30pm.

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