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Interview: The Parking Lot Movie

  The Parking Lot Movie:
WTJU speaks with Megan Eckman and Christopher Llad
Interview conducted by Mary Beth Lineberry,
host of WTJU's "Culture Currents"

The Parking Lot Movie

You can catch this interview on one of the following shows:

  • The Oliver Lodge, Monday the 15 11pm-1am
  • Radio Fredonia, Tuesday the 16th at 2-4pm
  • The Broadcasting System Monday the 22nd 2-4pm
  • Radio Fredonia, Tuesday the 23rd 2-4pm
  • Carry the Zero, Thursday the 25th 2-4pm

The Parking Lot Movie will debut at the Paramount Theater March 27th at 8pm after a world premier at South by Southwest in Austin Texas last week. The movie is a documentary of the Parking Lot located behind the Corner across from the University of Virginia on Main Street.

The Interview with Megan Eckman and Christopher Llad was conducted by Mary Beth Lineberry.

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