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Ogg Vorbis Streaming

Ogg Vorbis is an audio encoding and streaming technology from the Foundation. Unlike similar proprietary technologies such as MP3 and WMA, Vorbis is open-source and patent-free, meaning that anyone may use it to encode and store or transmit audio media without being burdened with license contracts or fees. Also, Ogg Vorbis is considered to be one of the best audio encoders in use today, and typically provides better quality audio than either MP3 or WMA at a given bit rate. For more information, see the Vorbis Wikipedia page.

Because Ogg Vorbis is relatively new, the major media players don't yet support it as well as they do older audio data formats. So, you may need to install additional software (an application or plug-in) in order to play Vorbis files and streams on your computer. The Vorbis web page can help you determine what software you may need. To list a few options:

  • Windows - the Quintessential or Winamp players, or the Ogg Directshow plug-in for Windows Media Player. If your primary media player is Windows Media Player (it probably is), you may want to try the plug-in.
  • Unix/Linux - MPlayer, Amarok, XMMS
  • Mac OSX - VLC (below) is probably your best bet. There's also a QuickTime plug-in, but some have found it difficult to get working.
The VLC Media Player should work with any of these computer platforms. VLC plays a wide variety of audio and video file and streaming formats. For detailed VLC installation instructions and additional ogg vorbis information, click the "Play Ogg" button below.

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