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From the GM's desk...
The un-sleepiest summer

Charlottesville is known as a quintessential college town - all sorts of things going on during the academic year, sleepy in the summer. And while traffic is lighter, this is turning out to be the un-sleepiest summer in Charlottesville.

First there was the ouster of UVA President Teresa Sullivan, which sparked impressive mobilizations of faculty, staff, students, and other supporters. WTJU broadcast live from the Lawn, thanks largely to Tyler Magill's initative and Lewis Reining's tech skills.

Then there was the intense "derecho" windstorm that plowed through town on June 29, taking out our power for a day and our T1 studio-transmitter link (STL) for many days. As I write this, we are in our third day of broadcasting with my cell phone functioning as our STL. Up on top of Carter's Mountain, my phone is webstreaming WTJU and plugged into the back of our transmitter.

All these external happenings make WTJU's summer projects seem a bit smaller. But around the station, they're kinda big deals:

Our new schedule rolls out on Monday, July 16. See the story at right and go print a copy of the new grid.

Related to that new schedule, we're doing construction work on our Production Studio to make it easier to produce a new community affairs program called "Soundboard." I'm excited about the possibilities of telling our community's stories.

And I also want to mention that C'Ville Weekly is helping us get the word out about our new schedule. They also have a big project this summer: rolling out a new website later this month.

Cheers to a very awake, very un-sleepy summer.

Nathan Moore
General Manager

WTJU-FM, University of Virginia

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Upcoming Shows & Specials

Here are a few of the WTJU events and program specials coming down the pike:

Sun, July 8, 12-2pm: Jennifer Jones, known to many on Tell Us A Tale as Jen Hoffman, will stop by her old stomping grounds on Sunday, July 8 to talk about a new project, Big Blue Door.

Thurs, July 12, 5-7pm:  Nashville based singer/songwriter Nora Jane Struthers and her band, The Bootleggers, will stop by Folk & Beyond for some live music and conversation before their concert at the Southern with The Clear Blue Sky.

Fri, July 13, 5-7pm: Internationally renowned banjoist Bill Evans will stop by Sunset Road  for a visit with host Terry Carpenter. Evans will be in town to present "The Banjo in America" at a concert that evening.

Sat, July 14, 8-10 am:
Woody Guthrie was born on July 14, 1912.  On what what would have been his 100th birthday, Atlantic Weekly will broadcast a two hour special from American Routes honoring this folk legend.

Monday, July 16: WTJU's NEW PROGRAM SCHEDULE goes into effect. See story at right.

Sat, July 28, 8am-12pm: Atlantic Weekly goes to the market! Mark Haskins and crew continue their monthly live remote broadcasts from City Market in downtown Charlottesville. Stop by and say hi!

Fri, August 31: WTJU Welcome Week concert. Details TBA.

September 24-30: Save the date for the 2012 JAZZ MARATHON.

Auf Wiedersehen to Jenny Wyss, Farewell to Liz Rhodes
Two departures from the WTJU family that are sad for us but exciting for them:

Longtime host of the Early Music Show Jenny Wyss is moving to Zurich, Switzerland this summer.

Rock host Liz Rhodes (aka "That Darlin'"), most recently of Oogum Boogum, leaves us in July for Portland, OR.

We'll miss both of them dearly.

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New Program Schedule coming July 16th
By Nathan Moore, General Manager

Starting on Monday, July 16th, WTJU is making some changes to its program schedule!

These are exciting improvements that should make it a little easier to stay tuned in to your favorite radio station. These changes will also enable us to air more live music, both in-studio and from area venues. These changes will also connect WTJU to our community in new and deeper ways with local community affairs programming.

This has been a thoughtful , considered, and remarkably cooperative effort on the part of the Programming Committee and the entire station.

That said, as with every type of compromise, not every element of this schedule will be ideal for every WTJU volunteer or listener. But it is also my sincere belief and the sincere belief of the committee members that this schedule will be good for WTJU.


WTJU Live from the Lawn

Clips from the "Rally for Transparency"
On Monday, June 18, WTJU opened up its microphone to the community and broadcast live from the Lawn during the "Rally for Transparency." Check out pics and listen to audio clips.

Five and a half decades: WTJU marks 55 years on the air
By Nathan Moore, General Manager

WTJU celebrated its 55th Anniversary on June 2 with a reunion of current and former DJs. Many thanks to those who joined us for the party!

What is 55 years? It's 110 semesters. 660 months. Over 20,000 days.

Twenty. Thousand. Days. Of volunteer DJs changing shifts every couple hours and keeping the station on the air. Twenty thousand days of keeping the station alive. Of sustaining the spirit of independence and creativity that has marked WTJU since its first days on the air.

The last couple years have been pretty rough for college radio stations. Vanderbilt, Rice, University of San Francisco, and a slew of others have sold off their FM frequencies. A couple years ago, there was some fear that UVA would be on that ignominious list. But we are not.

WTJU is still here. And in fact, we're thriving. We're a station that remains independent, that still rejects mainstream radio formatting and playlisting. We're a station that continues to put a premium on creative expression and exceptional music.

It's an amazing place. Let's look forward to the next 20,000 days at WTJU!

Click for audio

Live from the WTJU Studios

The Honey Dewdrops (20:38)
Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish, known collectively as The Honey Dewdrops, stopped by Walk Right In in May. Video of them perform a few tunes off their latest release Silver Lining.

Volunteer Profile: Lewis Reining

Who: Lewis Reining, Co-host of Soundboard, Co-producer of Atlantic Weekly's City Market broadcasts, News reporter & announcer

Joined WTJU: Fall of 2009

Day Job:  5th year student at the University of Virginia studying East Asian Studies with a concentration in Korea.

You're on a desert island. What five albums do you bring with you? First, I'd have to bring "Songs by Tom Lehrer" because he's a lyrical genius and listening to his work also keeps my spirits up (cynical as his songs may be). Next, it would probably be "Don't Mess Around with Jim" as Jim Croce's music just has a way of relaxing you that's hard to match.  For something more modern, I'd have to go with "Mr. A-Z" by Jason Mraz. The last two albums would be Korean, since I don't think I could survive on a desert island without some Korean music. The first would be "Davichi in Wonderland" by Davichi. They are a duet group that has unbelievable vocals and the emotion in their music is always spot on. Lastly, I'd choose "The Perfect Day to Say I Love You" by Younha. Another singer with an impressive voice whose clarity and feeling really keep this album toward the top of the list for me.

Something most 'TJU-ers don't know about you: I enjoy watching competitive video game competitions, specifically Starcraft.  At least a couple hours a day, every day, end up going to watching tournaments, professional players playing, or people talking about the game.

Favorite radio show besides your own: Classical Comfort is probably my favorite show right now.  It's a wonderful way to wake up, when I'm able to get up that early.

Click for audio

Live from the WTJU Studios

Michelle Krisel of Ash Lawn Opera (13:05)
Tim Snider, host of Sunday Opera Matinee, chats with Michelle Krisel about Ash Lawn Opera's new season.

Krenek Complete Symphonies: Outstanding Overview
By Ralph Graves, Classical Department

KrenekIt took a while but CPO finally issued the last installment of their cycle Ernst Krenek symphonies. Krenek is best known for his Weill-like opera Johnny Spielt Auf, a product of the Weimar years. It’s not really a fair representation of Krenek’s style.

He was much more interested in the atonal compositions of Schoenberg and Webern, and that interest is reflected in his orchestral compositions. The first symphony (1921) is neo-romantic, reflecting the influence of his teacher, Franz Schreker. But even in this work, the harmonies have a slight edge to them, and it’s easy to hear where Krenek wants to go.


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