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September 2012 DONATE!   

From the GM's desk...
Experiencing WTJU marathons

When I first came to WTJU about a year and a half ago, I was a little surprised at the marathon format of its on-air fundraisers. I've never heard of any other radio station that does its pledge drives this way. In fact, it goes against all the "best practices" in public radio fundraising.

But then I got to experience a few marathons and I got it. It's not just a pledge drive, it's an event. It's an experience. It's a week that takes you to new places musically and emotionally.

I realize I'm late to the ballgame -- many of you "got it" years ago and have been loyal donors since. That support means so much to us at WTJU. It enables us to keep this media project going - and thriving. (See right.) And as we kick off the 2012 Jazz Marathon on Monday, I hope that support will continue.

Nathan Moore
Nathan Moore
General Manager

WTJU-FM, University of Virginia

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Upcoming Shows & Specials

Here are a few of the WTJU events and program specials coming down the pike:

Sat, Sept 22, 8am-12pm: Atlantic Weekly goes to the market! Mark Haskins and crew continue their monthly live remote broadcasts from City Market in downtown Charlottesville. Stop by and say hi!

Sat, Sept 22, 8-9pm: WTJU will air the first hour of legendary Irish musican Seán Keane's live concert at C'Ville Coffee, in conjunction with the Blue Ridge Irish Music School.

Sun, Sept 23, 12:30pm: Charles Winkler visits Tell Us A Tale to discuss the Washington Balalaika Society Orchestra and play his 'Prima Domra.'

September 24-30: WTJU's 'Destination Jazz' Marathon brings you a week of terrific jazz and blues specials. WTJU Marathons are always experiences to remember, and the Jazz Marathon will not disappoint. Check out the full schedule and donate!

October 31, 6pm: We air a special Halloween night live performance of War of the Worlds. Save the date!

WTJU broadcasts from inside a geodesic dome - thrice!

Broadcasting from the geodesic dome

There is something inherently goofy about broadcasting from inside a geodesic dome. But that's exactly what we've been up to at WTJU this month.

Several months ago, I met up with Greg Kelly from The Bridge PAI about their "Audio September" events. We were interested in the usual cross-promotion, of course. But I also pitched the idea of setting up a geodesic dome in their parking lot and using it as a remote studio.

Though weather has dampened a couple efforts to do live Domecasts (as we've taken to calling them), we've managed to broadcast rock, jazz, and news/talk shows from the dome.   ---- Nathan

Support WTJU

No other station airs the broad selection of folk, rock, jazz, and classical music we do, and no other station adds the sort of intelligence and insight we add.

Show us how much WTJU really means to you. Make a donation today.

'Destination Jazz' marathon Sept 24-30
By David Eisenman, Jazz & Blues Director

Destination Jazz t-shirtWhen you tune in to WTJU 91.1 FM, you expect to travel to a destination both familiar and unknown. Familiar in that you can expect to hear jazz in the morning and jazz at night. But you're also bound to hear something exciting you've never heard before. Which is why it’s all the more exciting when the Jazz Marathon comes around. Each hour is a new destination to visit with more discoveries to make.

Join WTJU for the “Destination Jazz” marathon, Monday, September 24 through Sunday, September 30. The 2012 Jazz Marathon offers a variety of ports of call, from vocalists that scat to strings that swing. From blues harmonica to the piano masters, from soulful gospel to New Orleans on the march.

As you plan your listening itinerary, remember to pay your passage. Your tax-deductible donations are vital to keep the good ship WTJU afloat.


Live from the WTJU Studios

Robin and Linda Williams (33:52)
Robin and Linda Williams stopped by WTJU to play a few live tunes off their latest release These Old Dark Hills. They also kindly played a few of their classic tunes, as well

WTJU ends FY2012 in the black, buys a new transmitter
By Nathan Moore, General Manager

Transmitter caseThanks to loyal donors like you, WTJU had a strong fundraising year last year, and listener donations remained the largest source of WTJU funding in Fiscal Year 2011-12. Combined with a careful eye on our expenses, we were able to finish the year with a surplus.

I had hoped we would end the fiscal with a surplus... So early this year, I applied for a construction permit from the FCC to increase our FM signal strength from 600 watts to 1500 watts. That permit was approved and the shipping crate pictured above contains our shiny new transmitter.

We plan to install the new transmitter late this week, just in time for our Jazz Marathon. All that extra wattage will increase our listening area by several miles, extending WTJU's reach to include more of the communities in Charlottesville's orbit. But just as importantly importantly, the increased wattage will improve reception indoors and in low-lying areas.

It's your generosity that makes this possible. And it's your continuing support that will enable WTJU to continue to serve our community in deeper ways in the years to come. Thank you!

Click for audio

Live from the WTJU Studios

Downbeat Project (12:14)
Three members of Downbeat Project stopped by WTJU for some live music and conversation about their latest EP, Day By Day.

Looking into 'The Crystal Ball' with Larry Sabato's team
By Nathan Moore, General Manager

The Crystal Ball logoIn early September, WTJU began a production partnership with "The Crystal Ball" team at the UVA Center for Politics. We approached the Center for Politics to highlight some of the good work they're doing, and also to provide our listeners with more context and intelligence about this year's elections.

From the conventions to Election Day, The Crystal Ball features clear-eyed election news, analysis, and projections in a 3.5 minute segment. We air the segment on Tuesdays just after 9am. We also distribute the program to other public and community radio stations around the country. So far, stations in Texas, Oregon, Washington, Maryland, and Virginia have picked up the segment.

You can download the latest episode here.

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Live from the WTJU Studios

Nick Cords of Brooklyn Rider
The Listening Room host Thom Pease recently interviewed Nick Cords of the Brooklyn-based string quartet Brooklyn Rider.

Mirian Conti shines in Nostalgias Argentinas
By Ralph Graves, Classical Department

Conti CD coverArgentine-American pianist Mirian Conti has long championed the music of South America, recording a cycle of Villa-Lobos piano concertos, a collection of Spanish composers and one ofArgentine composers. Her new release, Nostalgias Argentines focuses on Argentine composers of the 1920's, many of whom are little-known to American listeners.

Conti may well change that with this recording. The piano works all have the flavor of South America, mixed with a European post-romantic aesthetic. The result is an attractive blend of lush harmonies and strong rhythmic pulses. Several of the works are based on traditional Argentine music, such as the Danzas tradicionales of Remo Pignoni.


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