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September 2011 Newsletter

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From the GM's desk...
Hey look, a newsletter!

WTJU is a lot of things. We’re a jazz station. A classical station. Rock. Folk. World. News. But above all, we strive to be a community institution. We’re a radio station that does more than just spin tunes (though we do spin great tunes). We want to build a community. To that end, welcome to our inaugural edition of Sound Choice, the WTJU newsletter! Peek behind the curtain to see what’s happening at the station. Come with us and be a part of this amazing project that is WTJU.
Nathan Moore
Nathan Moore
General Manager

WTJU-FM, University of Virginia

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Upcoming Shows & Specials

Here are a few of the WTJU events and program specials coming down the pike:

Thurs, Sept 22: WTJU presents Deerhoof at the Jefferson Theater

Sat, Sept 24, 8am-12pm: WTJU broadcasts "Atlantic Weekly" live from the Charlottesville City Market. Stop by and say hi!

Sun, Sept 25, 7-9pm: WTJU presents three classic jazz films at Random Row Books. FREE!

Mon, Sept 26: The WTJU Jazz Marathon kicks off. Donate early, donate often!

Tues, Oct 11: WTJU joins hundreds of stations around the country in celebrating College Radio Day.

New Music Reviews:

The Rip Tide

Although Zach Condon uses “East Harlem,” the lead single from his latest release as Beirut, to lament how “another rose wilts” in the titular city, it is clear this stellar act is only just beginning to blossom.  A Santa Fe, NM native, Condon left the states at only 17 to visit Europe and live with a cousin.  It was here, amidst the Balkan mountains, that his love for Eastern European folk music was ignited.

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Rita Hosking

Rita Hosking, a country folk artist from California, has just released her fourth album, Burn. Her third, Come Sunrise, won best county album in the 2010 in the Independent Music Awards, and this one should be received as well as Come Sunrise was.

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Jazz lives here during upcoming marathon
By David Eisenman, Jazz & Blues Director

WTJU Jazz Marathon 2011For us at WTJU, jazz is live. Jazz is improvised. To hear a jazz performance is to be a part of an amazing, ephemeral, mad act of creation. Jazz is a living thing.

Join us for WTJU’s annual Jazz Marathon pledge drive – Monday, Sept 26 through Sunday, Oct 2. Tune in to 91.1 FM and online at for a week of round-the-clock jazz and blues.

We’ll air live, in-studio performances in one-of-a-kind sessions each evening from 7-9pm. Other programs throughout the week will focus on some of the most important live recordings in the history of jazz.

The beauty of live music is it’s never the same twice. The beauty of our annual marathons is that the programming is never the same – it’s as spontaneous as the musicians we feature.

To keep this exciting, living, spontaneous programming alive, WTJU needs your support. Donate online or call 434-924-3959 during the marathon. All donations are tax-deductible and go a long way to ensuring WTJU stays strong and independent.

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Live from the WTJU Studios

The Get Down Boys (2:21)
Video from their live performance on "Tell us a Tale" Hosted by Peter Jones

The Get Down Boys performing in studio "Till the End of the World Comes Around".

WTJU presents Deerhoof at Jefferson, Sept 22
By Robert Packard, Rock Department

DeerhoofAfter releasing their eleventh album to date in January, Deerhoof is on tour and preparing to make a stop at Charlottesville’s Jefferson Theater.  Yet, this is far from the only wandering the band has done of late; recently, bandmates Greg Saunier, John Dieterich, Satomi Matsuzaki and Ed Rodriguez departed Deerhoof’s hometown of San Francisco, leaving behind not just memories, but the entire concept of what a “Deerhoof record sounds like.”

This change should hardly come as a shock.  After nearly 17 years on Earth, it’s time for Deerhoof, like many teens reaching the beginnings of adulthood, to make the most of their new found freedom.  And no one can deny that this is precisely what they’ve accomplished: “Deerhoof vs. Evil,” as their latest album is titled, is a self-recorded effort, mixed and mastered without any outside input, that brings the the band’s trademark chaotic energy to a whole new level.


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Live from the WTJU Studios

Borrowed Beams of Light (27:36)
Video from their live perofrmance on "Ye Olde Tuesday Afternoon Rock Show" on July 12th

The "quasi-acoustic" set featured three members of Charlottesville's own Borrowed Beams of Light.

WTJU Folk report
By Peter Jones, Folk & World Director

WTJU FolkWhile the folk department stays busy all year long, festival season (May-October) is when we seem to be most active.  This year, in fact, perhaps has been especially hectic, in part due to our involvement with the nationally renowned Floyd Fest music festival.  Two of our folk staff got their press credentials, and endured the hundred plus degree temperatures (with little to no shade anywhere) of this four day festival, all for the sake of interviewing some of the acts and reporting back on their shows.

One of the busiest Floyd Fest stages was the Virginia Folklife's Workshop Porch, where acts as varied as Sam Bush, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, the David Grisman Sextet, the Del McCoury Band, Peter Rowan and Jorma Kaukonen all put on workshops attended by our intrepid staff.


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Live from the WTJU Studios

Seth Swingle (4:20)
Video of Seth Swingle explaining and performing his ngoni, recorded on "Sunset Road" on Aug 19. Seth has been awarded a 2011 Fulbright scholarship to study ngoni playing in Mali.

Review: Robert Moran's Trinity Requiem for 9/11
By Deborah Murray, Classical Department

Robert Moran's Trinity RequiemTrinity Requiem:
The Choral Music of Robert Moran
Trinity Youth Chorus; The Esoterics;
Musica Sacra
Innova 224

To mark the tenth anniversary of 11 September 2001, the Trinity Church Wall Street (Ground Zero) commissioned Philadelphia-based composer Robert Moran to compose a requiem for the Trinity youth choir. The Trinity Requiem is a marvelous and moving work; the piece is scored for harps, cellos, and organ, and the youth chorus is joined by only a few adult members of the Trinity Choir.

The "Introit" begins the piece with two long chords that, to me, appear as a summons or calling forth to witness the tragic events of our time. The youth chorus then begins with the Kyrie, reminding me very much of the purity of one of my favorite choral pieces, the Faure Requiem, but with something more modern added, an other-worldly sense that I hear in the music of Arvo Part. The offertory in the middle of the Requiem consists of a beautiful, yet somewhat melancholy, interlude that allows more space for reflection than does the music set to text.


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