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From the GM's desk...

Cozying up to WTJU

I like Fall. I like wearing wool. I like that the Virginia Fall doesn't turn to winter after about three days, as it did in my recent home in Madison, Wisconsin. But most of all,
as the weather starts to cool, I like cozying up with some great radio. The kind of radio that makes me think, This is what music in Charlottesville is all about.

WTJU staff and volunteers have been putting together loads of great radio. WTJU's folk department just aired a tremendous live broadcast of Irish musician Andy Irvine from C'ville Coffee. Our classical department has been interviewing artists like Vassily Primakov and Hilary Hahn. On the heels of the jazz marathon, WTJU's jazz department welcomes Sonny Fortune to UVa. And the Rock department has had bands like The Fire Tapes and Jenny Besetzt live in studio.

I also wanted to give a shoutout to the revamped WTJU Rock Blog. I've been enjoying Rock's Adds'n'Passes in my email inbox for months, including their nine-words-or-less micro-reviews of new albums sent to the station. I'm psyched they're sharing them with the world now.

Nathan Moore
General Manager

WTJU-FM, University of Virginia

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Upcoming Shows & Specials

Here are a few of the WTJU events and program specials coming down the pike:

Thurs, Oct 27: Interview with vocalist Emily Voreas on Pulse! with David Lee, 9:00am on WTJU 91.1 FM

Fri, Oct 28: Interview with trumpeter and educator John D'earth on Jazz Messenger with Brian Keena, 10:30am on WTJU 91.1 FM

Sun, Nov. 6th, 7pm: Sonny Fortune Quartet at UVA Brooks Hall. Co-sponsored by The Charlottesville Jazz Society and WTJU-FM. Tickets only available at the door.

Mon-Sun, Dec. 5th-11th: WTJU Classical Marathon. Pledge early, pledge often!



There are only 10 songs on the album, but none are throwaways. All the women are from different parts of the south (Lambert from Texas, Presley from east Tennessee and Monroe from the Kentucky hill country), and the music traditions from those areas show up in their songs: bluegrass style harmonies, classic country and hard edged barroom numbers blend throughout the album, which is perfect for the working class, hard time themes prevalent in the songs.

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These recordings document how these songs were first performed, with the brashness and exuberance of early jazz. Listening to the original cast of Die Dreigoschenoper (Harald Paulsen, Carola, Neher, Kurt Garron, and Lotte Lenya) is a revelation. There’s a subversive undercurrent in these singers’ delivery that’s missing in modern performances.

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WTJU Rock Top 10

1) ST. VINCENT - "Strange Mercy"
2) GAUNTLET HAIR - "Gauntlet Hair"
3) MEKONS - "Ancient And Modern"
4) REAL ESTATE - "It's Real"
5) DUM DUM GIRLS - "Only In Dreams"
6) TWIN SISTER - "In Heaven"
7) BEIRUT - "The Rip Tide"
8) JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD - "We Are The Champions"
9) NEON INDIAN - "Era Extrana"
10) ALVARIUS B - "Baroque Primitiva"

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Sonny Fortune Returns to U.Va’s Brooks Hall November 6th
By Gary Funston, WTJU Assistant Jazz Director

If you were one of the unfortunate few who arrived late to the sold out Sonny Fortune concert at U.Va's Brooks Hall in January and were turned away, you have been granted a second chance. The legendary jazz saxophonist, flautist and composer returns to Charlottesville Sunday November 6th at 7 p.m. for an encore performance at Brooks Hall.

This concert, co-sponsored by The Charlottesville Jazz Society and WTJU-FM, will feature a different supporting cast this time around, as Sonny will be with his long-time east coast touring band.The group includes Bob Butta on keyboards, James King on bass, and Nasar Abadey on drums. .

Sonny Fortune is well known for his stints with jazz greats like Miles Davis, McCoy Tyner and Buddy Rich,and he has released many acclaimed recordings on Blue Note and other labels. His most recent CD is "Last Night at Sweet Rhythm.” Listen to Sonny's music in the days leading up to the concert on WTJU, 91.1 FM. Renowned jazz critic Nat Hentoff says of Sonny: "On alto, tenor, flute, clarinet, baritone saxophone - and as an intriguingly personal composer - Sonny is the embodiment of the sound of surprise in this music, and he ought to be a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master."

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Live from the WTJU Studios

Free Bridge Quintet (4:46)
Video from their live performance during WTJU's jazz marathon, Sept 27, 2011


Volunteer Spotlight: Goldfinger

Scott Shissler, aka GoldfingerWho: Scott Shisler. AKA Goldfinger. Sometimes known as Ska "T".

Joined WTJU: Spring of 1991... the then-current DJ of "Reggae Vibrations" told me he was leaving the station to join the Peace Corps, when I was paying a pledge. Asked me if I'd be interested in coming in, and taking it over. I dove in.

Day Job: I am one of the 99%. For decades, I was involved in film and computer magazine publication... shown the outsourcing door with my colleagues in 2009. Since: house-painter. Vintage autobody restoration. Carpentry. Graphic design, freehand and digital. Whatever it takes to keep my Friday afternoons open.

Background: Born in Jeffersonian Charlottesville, reared in Madisonian Orange county. A local yokel.

Favorite albums: Raw Power by Iggy & the Stooges. Black Market Clash. Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols. Patsy Cline, the Definitive Collection. Roosevelt Sykes Sings The Blues. London Symphony Orchestra's adaptation of Tchiakovsky's The Sleeping Beauty. Rastaman Vibration and Survival by Bob Marley and the Wailers. Explosive Rock Steady. And a cast of thousands.

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WTJU joins stations around the nation to celebrate College Radio Day 2011
By Ian Aitken

College Radio DayOn October 11th, WTJU 91.1 FM joined some 350 other college radio stations across the country taking part in the second annual College Radio Day.  Created in 2010 by Rob Quicke and Peter Kreten, the day serves as a time to celebrate the many contributions college radio has made toward music.

During the week, WTJU aired student and community testimonials about the importance of college radio.  As a registered member of College Radio Day, WTJU also aired a special documentary discussing the past, present, and future of college radio.

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Live from the WTJU Studios

Frank Vignola Trio (35:56)
Video from their live performance and interview on "Folk and Beyond" with Aer Stephen, Sept. 15, 2011

WTJU October Folk report
By Peter Jones, Folk & World Director

We thought September and October would let the folk department catch its breath, but perhaps November will be our salvation. The festivals continued, and musical guests just kept visiting the WTJU studios. One of the highlights was after performing on the annual Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, the Frank Vignola Trio stopped by Folk & Beyond for an unbelievable live performance.

The folk staff also got heavily involved with this fall's jazz marathon, actually kicking off the whole fund drive with an acoustic jazz show hosted by Lonesome George of the Cosmic American Jamboree. We also did shows on piano stomp, West African blues, swing, David “Dawg” Grisman style jazz, and more.

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RadioLive music from a WTJU Event

Joe Ayers and Mark Campbell (2:29)
Video of John Ayers and Mark Campbell performing
"Hop Light Ladies" at Monticello's Heritage Harvest Festival on October 17, 2011

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