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Volunteer Profile: Bradley Daigle

Volunteer Profile: Bradley Daigle

Name: Bradley Daigle

Joined WTJU: It was around 2005 when one of the Early Music Show hosts (Jenny) suggested that I do my own show in the check out line at Whole Foods. I gave it some thought and as a result, I picked up the Thursday morning slot for my show (Matinal) that ran for about two years. My job changed and I had to travel more, making a standing show too hard to manage so I switched gears to manage the WTJU Classical Library. Since then, I have been working to get all of our nearly 5,000 CDs cataloged and searchable by our announcers so they can have the tools they need to offer the public great servings of diverse and exciting classical music. To date, we have over 31,000 separate compositions/performances in our CD collection. Not a bad pool to choose from.

Day Job: Librarian: I work at UVa Library as their Director of Digital Curation.

Background: I am Canadian and spent lots of time listening to Radio Canada and other stations that offer a wide variety of jazz and classical music. I came to the states early on and have been here since 1996. I have a Masters in English and another in Library Science. I specialize in collections management and digitization and love working with rare/historical materials.

You're on a desert island, what five albums do you bring with you? This is really hard to say. But right now I would have to say that I have an old vinyl recording of La Boheme with Renata Tebaldi and Carlo Bergonzi (Tullio Serafin, cond.), Miles Davis' On the Corner Sessions, Sinatra's Come Fly with Me (as ironic as that would be), I would also have to have some good piano music though I am not sure if it would be Red Garland or Glenn Gould. I could probably also toss in a Julie London or Artie Shaw LP or two if I could.

What makes you tick? I love running and hiking. My wife and I are running our second marathon in March. I spend a great deal of time hanging out and reading as well as listening to music. At this point I have a few thousand lps as well as a digital music library that I could play for over one and a half years without repeating a song-ever. I love working with rare and unique collections--getting them preserved and in good shape to stand the test of time. I want this stuff to be around long past our lifetime.

Something most WTJUers wouldn't know about you: I have been teaching karate at ACAC for over 6 years now.

Favorite radio show besides your own: Has to be Rhythm and Romance. I am a total sucker for vocal music but especially post war. Charles does a fantastic job with his show! A close second would have to be the Sunday Opera Matinee.

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