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From the GM's desk...
Power to the station

I think a lot about digital media these days. How to keep WTJU's voice strong and clear in a digital and mobile landscape. But now and then, there is some very exciting news on the analog FM front.

WTJU recently received exciting news from the FCC - the agency has approved our request to increase our power from 600 watts to 1500 watts. If we add a directional antenna, we can ramp that up to 5000 watts (except toward Richmond, where there's another 91.1 FM).

That means better reception in more places: up in Madison and Orange Counties, in the low areas in Western Albemarle, inside buildings where people struggle to pick us up. It also opens up the possibility of installing a booster station to send our signal over into the Shenendoah Valley.

But actually making this happen will take some time and a whole lot of money. You can help us get on the right foot with a donation to the Folk Marathon (see right). It promises to be a week of terrific music shows. Tune in, turn up the volumne, and help us turn up the power.

Nathan Moore
General Manager

WTJU-FM, University of Virginia

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Upcoming Shows & Specials

Here are a few of the WTJU events and program specials coming down the pike:

Sat, April 28, 8am-12pm: Atlantic Weekly goes to the market! Mark Haskins and crew kick off their first live remote broadcast of the year from City Market in downtown Charlottesville. We'll be broadcasting from the market the fourth Saturday of each month. Stop by and say hi!

Sat, April 28, 1-2pm: Larry Keel & Natural Bridge will stop by during the second hour of Sunshine Daydream on April 28 for some live music and conversation.

Sun, April 29, 12:30pm: Seven Tandem Friends School fifth graders under the direction of Drew Adler will bring their musical talents this Sunday to Tell Us A Tale.  The all girl musical group, calling themselves Voices, will perform an original piece..

April 30 - May 6: FOLK MARATHON Tune in for terrific live performances, local musicians doing guest DJ gigs, and some of the best music your ears have heard. Check out the schedule and donate!

Fri, May 11, 7:30pm-midnight & Sat, May 12, 9:30pm-midnight:
WTJU broadcasts live from the Whiskey Jar as part of the first-ever TomTom Festival.

Sat, May 12, 8:30-9:30pm: WTJU broadcasts the first set of David Bromberg, live from the Mockingbird in Staunton, VA.

Soundboard: Charlottesville news, straight from the source
Soundboard on WTJU 91.1 FM
In late February, WTJU launched Soundboard, a local news radio production in partnership with Charlottesville Tomorrow and C-Ville Weekly.

Each Friday from 4-5 PM, tune in to hear area journalists and guests discuss local news, culture, and community issues in the Charlottesville area. Whether we're talking about city politics, scientific innovations, or the local music scene, you'll get to hear in-depth discussion about stories that matter.

Subscribe to the Soundboard podcast!

Support WTJU

No other station airs the broad selection of folk, rock, jazz, and classical music we do, and no other station adds the sort of intelligence and insight we add.

Show us how much WTJU really means to you. Make a donation today.

Folk Marathon promises to be "Too Hard to Label," April 30 - May 6
By Peter Jones, Folk Director

2012 Folk Marathon graphicWe are just a few days from this year's folk marathon, and what a schedule we have lined up!  Our theme this year is “Too Hard To Label”. While that is certainly true for the breadth of programming heard on WTJU, we will be focusing on five of our favorite music labels: Smithsonian Folkways, Signature Sounds, Compass, Rounder and Rebel.  And in honor of Woody Guthrie's 100th birthday, we will also do a few shows in his honor.

The full schedule is online at Listen all week and help us raise $40,000 for your favorite station and mine!


Live from the WTJU Studios

Carolina Chocolate Drops (27:40)
Video from their live performance and interview on Walk Right In on January 31, 2012.

Featured Five; No Soap! Radio
By Robert T. Packerd, Rock Department

No Soap RadioIt’s always a little hard to explain exactly why I play what I do on my show. Still, for your enjoyment, I will attempt to dissect five of my selections for you here. Hopefully, you won’t decide it’s all too much nonsense for you to handle but, if you do, I’m sorry. (Actually, no I’m not. It’s 1 until 3 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Insanity is status quo at that point in the weekend. Just embrace it.)
1). “Cigarettes” - Russian Red

This track, oh man, what is there to be said about this track? Russian Red, also known as Lourdes Hernández, hails from Madrid, Spain, but her voice is something from an entirely different planet. Combined with a sultry, jazzy backing, this girl is like a hipper, sexier version of a young Regina Spektor. I'm probably going to be playing a lot more of her stuff in the coming weeks, as well...

Read on... 

Click for audio

Live from the WTJU Studios

Blue Ridge Irish Music School (4:07)
Video from their live performance of "Silver Spear" on Atlantic Weekly. Recorded on March 17.

Volunteer Profile: Will Courtney

Will CourtneyName: Will Courtney

Joined WTJU: I contacted Rebecca about DJ-ing for the Folk department in the Summer of 2010, after completing my first year at U.Va. I listened to a few programs during my first year, and I thought that volunteering at WTJU would be a great way to be more involved at the University. I shadowed Walk Right In for a few shows, and was eventually placed with George on the Cosmic American Jamboree. I have been alternating weeks with George during the semester since then, and I hope to be able to continue doing so until I graduate. I have learned a ton about music broadcasting, and the Charlottesville community during my time, and I can easily see myself being involved in community radio for many years to come.

Day job? I am a Third-Year undergraduate student with majors in Economics and Government. I hope to work for a year or two on Capitol Hill after graduation before eventually pursuing a degree in Law. Of
course, plans have a way of changing...


Click for audio

Live from the WTJU Studios

Maya Lerman (3:13)
Video from her live performance of "I Saw a Man at the Close of Day" on Sunset Road. Recorded on March 30.

Shelley Makes a Case for Kalkbrenner
By Ralph Graves, Classical Department

KalkbrennerI’m a big fan of Hyperion’s Romantic Piano Concerto series. This latest installment – Volume 56 – maintains the same high standards of recording and performance quality as the previous volumes.

Howard Shelley turns in committed performances of Friedrich Kalkbrenner's compositions. Shelley's interpretations seem to fully realize the potential of this neglected music.

And this is music that needs a little help.

Audiences of the mid-19th century thought Friedrich Kalkbrenner one of the best pianists of his day – an opinion he shared himself. When Chopin arrived in Paris, he performed for Kalkbrenner – who suggested that after three years of study with him, Chopin just might make a decent pianist! That inflated opinion of himself was the subject of satire during his lifetime, and part of the reason why his music fell into disrepute after his death. It's good to have it represented (especially by a sympathetic performer), so we can judge the merits of Kalkbrenner's music for ourselves.


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