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On a radio near you: WTJU's new program schedule


Launched on WTJU on July 16, 2012

WTJU has made some changes to its program schedule. These are exciting improvements that should make it a little easier to listen to your favorite radio station. These changes will also enable more live music on the air, both in-studio and from area venues. Finally, these changes will connect WTJU to our community in new and deeper ways with local community affairs programming. See below for a full explanation.

Download the schedule as a printable color PDF.
Download the schedule as a printable b/w PDF.
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WTJU's Summer 2012 Program Schedule. Click for larger version.
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I'm excited to announce that the WTJU Programming Committee voted unanimously to approve a revised program schedule. I concur with the committee's decision, and am looking forward to rolling out the new schedule. The change-over date will be July 16th.

The new schedule is available for download in PDF format -- both color and black & white.

This has been a thoughtful , considered, and remarkably cooperative effort on the part of the Programming Committee and the entire station. The committee began discussing this last August and carried out a collaborative process to create a program schedule that would do best for the station. We considered information from many sources and sought broad feedback from the WTJU Leadership Team and the entire WTJU body politic.

That said, as with every type of compromise, not every element of this schedule will be ideal for every WTJU volunteer or listener. Some of our departments had to agree to significant changes for this schedule to come together. I know that change can be difficult for many people, and I want to acknowledge any hard feelings that may come out of this.  But it is also my sincere belief and the sincere belief of the committee members that this schedule will be good for WTJU.

Questions and answers:

1. Why are you doing this?
The broad reason is to best fulfill our mission, airing diverse music programming and expanding the platform for independent & creative expression. Also to broaden our base, to deepen our connection to the community, to encourage continued listening throughout the day & week, and to encourage new listeners to tune in. With those broad goals, we sought to bring several key elements to the new program schedule:
   1. Bring consistency to the Monday-Friday afternoon drive time (4-6pm)
   2. Arrange the schedule to create more possibilities for live music and live remotes on a regular basis
   3. Set up a locally produced public affairs show and air it where it has the potential to succeed

2. When will this new schedule roll out?
Sunday, July 15th will be the official start date for the new schedule. Please plan accordingly.

3. Who should I contact if I want to offer feedback?
Email me at or call WTJU’s main number -- 434-924-0885.

4. What’s happening to <insert host/program name>?
Email me if you have a specific question or can't find your favorite show on the new schedule.

5. So is this set in stone, like, forever?
No, things always change bit-by-bit. But beyond that, this is a program grid that I’m comfortable having for the next few years, trying to build audience around it. And over the next 2-3 years, I hope to lead WTJU through a strategic planning process, figuring out on a deeper level what the best role(s) for the station should be within the University and surrounding communities. Such a strategic plan would naturally have implications for our program schedule.

We’re excited to roll out the new schedule. It’s the same creative and independent WTJU you love -- but even better.

And save the date for July 16th, when the new schedule goes live here at your favorite radio station and mine - WTJU 91.1 FM.

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