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2010 Spring Fund-Raising Marathon
Kevin Crawford
Testimonial: Kevin Crawford of Lunasa

Charlie Pastorfield
Testimonial: Charlie Pastorfield

91.1 WTJU 2010 Spring Marathon Fundraiser

From our incoming General Manager, Burr Beard:

Hey WTJU crew, good luck on the Spring Marathon! Everybody - support WTJU’s righteous rants of rock and rich full flavors of folk. Ten full days. WTJU is the original sound choice for Central Virginia!

Rock Welcome

Join us for the WTJU Rock Marathon, April 9-13! From Psych to Surf to Stereolab to Songs about Candy, WTJU’s crack team of DJs has hand- crafted a schedule of goodies reminding you why your life was saved by rock and roll. We kick it off with the Fourth Annual WTJU Rock Marathon Dance Party at the Tea Bazaar on April 9th. We’ve got awesome premiums - including James Ford’s rad 2010 marathon shirt! - to offer you in return for your lovin’ pledge. Turn on, tune in, and call us up!

Rock Program Guide

Folk Welcome

The harshest winter in almost anyone’s memory is over. The last pile of snow is melting and like the flowers, WTJU has emerged more vigorous and ready to bloom than ever! The WTJU Spring Fundraiser will be a time to look back and celebrate the importance of family and community that came so clearly into focus as we all took care of each other during those difficult days. The Folk and Roots department is offering shows about brothers, sisters, couples, families and communities all over the world. There’s music about weather and other natural disasters, music to make you dance, gospel music to comfort you and protest music to challenge you. Listen to wonderful live performances by local world-class talent and enjoy some in-depth listens to some of your favorite singers and songwriters. And don’t forget that WTJU appreciates your support as much as you appreciate the enthusiasm and musical knowledge of our volunteer programmers!

Folk Program Guide

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