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2012 Jazz Marathon: Destination Jazz



September 24-30


Destination Jazz: September 24-30 on WTJU 91.1 FM

When you tune in to WTJU 91.1 FM, you expect to travel to a destination both familiar and unknown. Familiar in that you can expect to hear jazz in the morning and jazz at night. But you're also bound to hear something exciting you've never heard before. Which is why it’s all the more exciting when the Jazz Marathon comes around. Each hour is a new destination to visit with more discoveries to make.

Join WTJU for the “Destination Jazz” marathon, Monday, September 24 through Sunday, September 30. The 2012 Jazz Marathon offers a variety of ports of call, from vocalists that scat to strings that swing. From blues harmonica to the piano masters, from soulful gospel to New Orleans on the march.

Plus, you'll get to hear old friends from the station who've returned to play music and take your pledges – including the “The Bartender” Tom Morgan, and Aer Stephen – as well as old shows we're putting back on the map just for the marathon such as “Principally Piano.”

It's also a marathon tradition to bring you live music from the WTJU studios. This year, we’re featuring an amazing lineup: ACME Swing Manufacturing Company, The Houston Ross Trio, An all-star ensemble featuring Robert Jospe, John D’earth, Stephanie Nakasian and Hod O’Brien, Richmond blues guitarist Ivan Appelrouth, and more!

Check out the full marathon schedule and look up show descriptions. Remember that even if you miss the boat and aren't able to hear a particular show, you can still visit our Tape Vault and stream shows up to two weeks after they have aired.

As you plan your listening itinerary, remember to pay your passage – DONATE HERE. Your tax-deductible donations are vital to keep the good ship WTJU afloat. 

Make plans to travel to the best jazz programming available, brought to you round-the-clock during WTJU’s “Destination Jazz” Marathon, September 24-30. Make it a destination you support.


David Eisenman
WTJU Jazz & Blues Director

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