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2004 Jazz Celebration and Fundraiser!
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Jazz 2004 T-Shirt


This election year... vote for the one candidate with all the answers... the one candidate with broad-based appeal, reaching across party lines to every constituency? this election year, cast your vote in favor of world harmony...Vote for Jazz! Take an eight-day recess from the chatter on the airwaves and enjoy a little global cooling courtesy of the 2004 WTJU Jazz and Blues Marathon.

Cast your vote for your favorite form of music and your favorite radio station by calling in your financial pledge during the show of your choice. Using this guide as your ballot mark off the programs that come closest to conforming to your musical philosophies? conservative, liberal or independent, our Jazz platform has something for everyone.

This year's live testimonials include whistle stops from performers in town for UVA's upcoming Afro-Pop Festival. Plus local dignitaries Jamal Milner, Greg Howard, Charlie Pastorfield, and other musicians are also volunteering their time, experience and expertise to the festivities. Organist George Melvin brings us some of his favorite B3 grooves, and Pete Spaar profiles the Art of the Bass. Even Andy Kochenour, tuba player for the Dixie Power Trio, rumbles in with some tuba jazz.

In addition to all the special shows covering the entire spectrum of jazz, blues, R&B, world, soul and electronic music, watch out for visits from two eminent scholars: Professor Bebop celebrates his 30 years as a WTJU DJ; and Professah Blues, host of the popular WMRA show Blues Valley, guests with Peter Welch on the last night of the Marathon.

And don't miss the sneak preview performance on WTJU by the Free Bridge Jazz Quintet Oct. 14th at 9pm before their Oct. 16th performance at Old Cabell Hall.

Thanks to Eric Angevine, Morgan McLeod, Adam Soroka, and Bruce Koplin for their assistance, and Charles Peale for the T-Shirt design!

David Eisenman, Jazz & Blues Director
Gary Funston, Asst. Jazz & Blues Director

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