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2006 Fall Fund-Raising Marathon
Thanks for your gifts! The marathon is over but we are still accepting donations!

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91.1 WTJU-FM 2006 Fall Marathon
"Life's Too Short For Ordinary Music"
October 9th through 22nd

A week of Jazz & Blues Music followed by a week of Classical Music!

Welcome to the 2006 Fall Fundraiser on WTJU - FM. WTJU recently tried a more integrated approach to fundraising, going away from the single-genre marathons that made us unique in public broadcasting. You let us know that the unified theme was important to you, so the autumn leaves will once again fall to the sounds of a week-long WTJU Jazz and Blues celebration, followed by a week of Classical Music!

All staff and volunteers of FM 91.1 are music lovers just like you. That means that your voice directs the sound of this radio station even if you never choose to put on a pair of headphones or spin a record. If you still be believe that a live, local broadcast is an important part of daily life in our community, please support our unique locally produced programming by calling 434-924-3959 or 924-3418 or listen and donate via

Thanks to David Eisenman, Tim Snider, Catherine Wray, Gary Funston, Eric Angevine, Rebecca Foster, Gordon Schaad, Kemp Honeycutt, and Gayle Poirier as well as marathon announcers, guests, and helpers!

"Life's Too Short For Ordinary Music"
Our very fine Fall Marathon t-shirt design is courtesy of Danijel Zezelj.

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