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2005 Fall Fund-Raising Marathon

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So what are you doing November 4th through the 13th? WTJU has extra space on our musical journey around the globe, and you're invited! We'll be spending some time in the Caribbean for a little Reggae Vibes, taking the Sunset Road south to Latin America to catch Carlos Santana and others, move over to the Dark Continent for some African guitar, and off to Asia for a set of Japanese rock. We'll hang out in the jazz clubs of Europe and America, as well as in the great concert halls and opera houses of the world. We'll even visit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, where at least the spirit of the music still lives. You say you can't afford the gas? Stay right beside your radio (91.1 FM) or computer (, because these are just a few of many stops on WTJU's Fall Marathon, and all it will cost you is whatever you can afford to pledge to our fund drive.

This year our semi-annual fundraiser includes Alumni Day on Friday November 4th, when several former announcers return from their own journeys around the globe to bring a fresh perspective to some of our most popular shows. Also, the 2nd weekend brings a full day of jazz programming (Saturday) and a full day of classical music (Sunday). And as always, some of our talented area musical friends join us along the way, this year including pianist Hod O'Brien, sax man Bobby Read and others.

This year there are once again many deserving groups asking for your financial help. Please don't forget the local organizations that impact you directly on a daily basis, not the least of which is WTJU, broadcasting 365 days a year. Please call 434 924-3418 or 434 924-3959 and pledge what you can to your favorite show. Gary Funston

Credits: Tim Snider, David Eisenman, Gary Funston, Matt Combs, George Dayton, Morgan McLeod, Brandy Savarese, Matt Best, Gayle Poirier, Jane McDonald, and Rob Nowicki. And thanks to Mike Powers for the t-shirt design!

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