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Keith Morris LIVE on Folk & Beyond

Keith Morris
LIVE on Folk & Beyond with Aer Stephen
Thursday, December 10, 2009, 5:40 PM

Keith Morris

Keith Morris (with Jen Hays Morris and Tom Proutt) are the second guests on this Live and Loaded edition of Folk & Beyond. You can catch Keith with his band, Keith Morris and the Crooked Numbers, Sunday, December 13th, for a performance on Charlottesville’s downtown mall at The Southern.

Keith Morris was born in Anniston, Alabama (his hometown of Talladega did not have a hospital) and raised in Columbus, Georgia. He attended Vanderbilt University for a year before transfering to the University of Georgia, where he immersed himself in Athens’ vibrant music scene: “I was there at a good time. REM was beginning to hit it big, Vic Chesnutt was just starting out, playing those incredible shows at the 40 Watt, and I hung out with the [Widespread] Panic guys a good bit back then. I eventually left Athens, horrified I’d become a townie. But you know, you never fully escape it.”

After leaving Athens, Morris received an M.A. in Literature from Florida State, and then moved to Boulder, Colorado, where he worked a series of odd-jobs (waiter, innkeeper, shuttle and taxi-cab driver), and focused his energies on songwriting. It was there he met his wife, Jennifer. The couple married and eventually relocated to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Charlottesville, Virginia, where Morris has taught college, edited books for MIT Press, and served as a music columnist and reviewer.

“Songs From Candyapolis” is his first album. (Early demos of Candyapolis sparked a minor-label bidding war. Morris eventually signs lucrative deal with City Salvage Records, estimated to be worth several million Vietnamese Dong.)

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