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Josh Rogan: LIVE on Folk & Beyond with Aer Stephen
Josh Rogan

Josh Rogan
LIVE on Folk & Beyond with Aer Stephen
Thursday, June 30, 2011, 5:43 PM

Josh Rogan is usually seen as the front man of the Rogan Brothers Band. As the songwriter and lead singer, Josh is the fire the stokes the flame with his blazing lead guitar work. This evening, Josh brings it unplugged on the acoustic. Although a departure from his usual performance MO on the electric guitar, Josh is up for the appearance, and Aer Stephen is looking forward to his return to Folk & Beyond. Josh will have some new songs to debut, and will be delivering the news of the next days’ event at at The Bridge Art Gallery @ 209 Monticello Rd. in Charlottesville on Friday, July 1. The event starts around 5:30 PM, and will include pictures, videos and the release of "The Rogan Brothers - Live At Miller's". Josh and his brother, Eric, will be hosting the opening - an evening of music, film, photography and friends. Featured will be an exhibit by Josh Rogan, and a film by Johnny St. Ours - “The Rogan Road” - a documentary hosted by the Rogan Brothers Band.

In the fall of 1996, Josh and Eric Rogan were at Charlottesville Music purchasing their first electric instruments. For Josh, it was his signature Telecaster guitar and, for Eric, his first Fender P-Bass. It wasn't long before the brothers convinced friend, Andrew Mills, to buy a drum set and begin their journey together as musicians. Josh, the band's principal songwriter, continued to develop a catalog of original material while Eric attended Skidmore College and immersed himself in a rich musical environment. After reuniting in 2002 as, "Atlas, the brothers set out to rock, roll, and soul as performers. The sound that has developed over the years is a product of the brothers' cultured upbringing. Hailing from the mountains outside of Charlottesville, there is a natural country flavor to their music. But add to the mix the diversity of Eric's jazz studies and improvisational interests coupled with Josh's no nonsense rock and roll songwriting. The end result is most easily described as "foot-stomping outlaw rock". Local Legend, Charlie Pastorfield, had this to say about their music: "This is old-school songwriting in a new package. I hear flashes of Van Morrison and Neil Young but they dress it up in a different, harder way." Check out the Rogan Brothers Band, and you will find a sound that is familiar, and yet very original. 

The Film, “The Rogan Road”, explores the common thread of dreams that runs through Nashville stage performers, Oglala Sioux grandmothers, to struggling Vets, to a clerk in a Latino grocery outside of St. Louis, to the biggest, hairiest biker in the Dungeon Bar that is previously undocumented. With the help of their rousing music and empathic charisma, the Rogan Brothers Band guides the team to this common dream, and reports back an inspiring tale of a united modern culture.



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