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From the GM's desk...

The WTJU Project

What warms your heart during the chilly days of February? WTJU's Rock Marathon, of course! It's just around the corner, so don't be embarrassed if you're already getting excited.

In his article to the right, Dominic points out the value of a well-curated radio station like WTJU, even as technology brings huge changes to the media landscape. He is right.

WTJU entertains and edifies, but we're not just about spinning good records. On a deeper level, WTJU exists to convene and nurture community, to curate local culture, to build understanding, and to serve as a platform for creativity.

It's a big project and also an exhilarating one. I'm so glad to have you with us for the ride.

Nathan Moore
General Manager

WTJU-FM, University of Virginia

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Upcoming Shows & Specials

Here are a few of the WTJU events and program specials coming down the pike:

Fri, Jan 27, 11am and 8pm: As part of his 70th birthday world tour, Dutch master drummer Han Bennink performs at U.Va's Brooks Hall at 8pm. Co-sponsored by WTJU and the Charlottesville Jazz Society. Bennink will be The Jazz Messenger's guest between 11am-12pm on WTJU.

Tues, Jan 31, 1pm: The Carolina Chocolate Drops stop by WTJU's Walk Right In for a chat and live performance before their show at The Jefferson that night.

Tues, Feb 6, 4:30pm: WTJU will air a Black History Month special from UVA Today.

Feb 13-19: WTJU's Rock Marathon rocks your socks off for a whole week. Donate early, donate often!

Feb 20-26: WTJU celebrates Black History Month with many special themed programs.

Jan-April, Wednesdays, 4pm: WTJU airs Assembly Conversations from Virginia Public Radio while the State Assembly is in session. The Wednesday Democracy Now will return in April. 

Professor Bebop’s Pontifications on 2011
Dave Rogers
The best of 2011 included the return of some greats we've missed for a while, the continuing resurgence of the Crescent City scene and the continuing development of a hybrid soul/funk/rock sound that represents the older sounds of soul music’s heyday with a distinctly current feel.

Read The Professor's Picks.

WTJU welcomes two new classical hosts
Steve and Gregory
Two new classical announcers are now in the WTJU fold: Steve Myers and Gregory Cox. Steve is alternating with Ilona Kastenhofer on “Classical Comfort,” Friday mornings 6-9am. Gregory has joined the "Early Music Show" rotation, Mondays 5-7pm, and is also alternating with Ann Porotti on "Portrait of the Artist," Wednesday evenings 5-7pm.

Support WTJU

No other station airs the broad selection of folk, rock, jazz, and classical music we do, and no other station adds the sort of intelligence and insight we add.

Show us how much WTJU really means to you. Make a donation today.

WTJU rocks your socks off, Feb 13-19
By Dominic DeVito, Rock host

Once again, the long arm of coincidence has swept us toward another edition of the annual WTJU Rock Marathon. We hope you'll join us for the ride -- Mon, Feb 13 through Sun, Feb 19.

This year’s schedule features live performances from area bands for five straight nights, as well as a five-part countdown of some of the most essential tracks to get airplay on WTJU Rock’s playlists over the years. We'll also be playing beloved songs spanning five decades from 2002, 1992, 1982, 1972, and 1962.

Beyond that, the marathon schedule reflects the diverse tastes of our listeners, covering everything from modern drone to rock from remote corners of the globe, and everything in between. We’ll feature the return of a few WTJU alums and guest spots from other rock luminaries.

We realize that over the past decade, a litany of technological advances have made the very idea of "radio" seem nearly foreign to some. But there is still tremendous value in a well-curated station like WTJU that presents music and news in a commercial-free environment, and that doesn't insult the intelligence of our listeners.

We believe in community at WTJU, and are grateful to have you as a part of ours. Your generous giving provides about half of the station's operating budget. Give today, and we look forward to sharing another stellar installment of the WTJU Rock Marathon with you.

Live from the WTJU Studios

Andy Falco & Chris Pandolfi of the Infamous Stringdusters (30:00)
Video from their live performance on Sunset Road. Recorded on Dec 2.

WTJU celebrates Black History Month with special programming
By Jane Ford, UVA Today and David Eisenman, Jazz Director

The UVA Today radio program will present a Black History Month half-hour special featuring some of the participants in the University's 2012 Martin Luther King Jr. celebration, including legendary singer, actor and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte.

Tune in Tuesday, Feb 6 at 4:30pm or look for it at after its airdate.

Then Feb 20-26, WTJU's jazz department spearheads our 4th annual week of special programming in honor of Black History Month, commemorating the African-American musicians who have made significant contributions to the music we love.

All music departments here at The Sound Choice will participate, and a detailed program schedule will be available on our website as time draws nearer.

Click for audio

Live from the WTJU Studios

Downbeat Project (4:56)
Video from their live performance of "Back Home" on Reggae Vibrations, with host Goldfinger. Recorded on Dec 2.

The Naming Game - Part 1, Opus 1!
By Ralph Graves, Classical host

Ever wonder why classical folks just don't call a song a song? Seems like everything is "Opus Number" this, or "in the key of" that. It's not snobbery. Without them, many classical works couldn't be indentified! Part 1 of the Naming Game explains in plain language what opus numbers are, why keys matter, and why sometimes you need them to find a particular tune.

Read more.

January news from the Folk folks
By Peter Jones, Folk Director

The folk department started the year off with a bang, and we are not looking to slow down anytime soon! 

We kicked things off with a live broadcast of Robin & Linda Williams and Their Fine Group's concert from the Jefferson Theater, where several lucky WTJU listeners also got to hang out with the band before the show.

Read more.

Click for audio

Live from the WTJU Studios

Claire Lynch Band (17:01)
Audio from their live performance on Cosmic American Jamboree on Jan 19.

Volunteer Profile: Bradley Daigle

Name: Bradley Daigle

Joined WTJU: It was around 2005 when one of the Early Music Show hosts (Jenny) suggested that I do my own show in the check out line at Whole Foods. I gave it some thought and as a result, I picked up the Thursday morning slot for my show (Matinal) that ran for about two years. My job changed and I had to travel more, making a standing show too hard to manage so I switched gears to manage the WTJU Classical Library. Since then, I have been working to get all of our nearly 5,000 CDs cataloged and searchable by our announcers so they can have the tools they need to offer the public great servings of diverse and exciting classical music. To date, we have over 31,000 separate compositions/performances in our CD collection. Not a bad pool to choose from.

Day Job: Librarian: I work at UVa Library as their Director of Digital Curation.

Background: I am Canadian and spent lots of time listening to Radio Canada and other stations that offer a wide variety of jazz and classical music. I came to the states early on and have been here since 1996. I have a Masters in English and another in Library Science. I specialize in collections management and digitization and love working with rare/historical materials.

Read more.

WTJU-FM is a noncommercial educational radio station licensed by the FCC to the Rector and Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia. WTJU presents original, rich, and diverse programming of music and other forms of expression free from the direct constraints of commercial interests, reflecting the broadest educational goals of the University.

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Newsletter Editor: Nathan Moore

Contributors: Ralph Graves, Dominic DeVito, Bradley Daigle, Professor Bebop, Jane Ford, David Eisenman, Gary Funston, Peter Jones

General Manager: Nathan Moore


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