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History: Timelines - The Early Days

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WTJU Officers and Directors 1955-1963


Auditioned early announcers including Ray Niblack. Dedicated early supporters of station, Kappa Delta Pi.



Party chairman Beril Abraham
Pub. Chairman Ray Barry
Program Director Rod Collins
Ralph Freydberg Sec. & Tres.
President P. Stuart Hacker
Station Manager Arthur Prosper
Vice President Ed Sullivan
Director of Station George P. Wilson

45 announcers, newscasters, and engineers under the supervision of Arthur Prosper, Station Man. Beril Abraham, James Jenkins & Richard Stanley began first marathons.



President Richard Stanley
Treasurer James Jenkins
News Director Beril Abraham



President Richard Stanley
Vice President Thomas F. Cooney
Comptroller James Jenkins
Chief Engineer Roland Johnson
Dir. Of Div. Of Extension & Gen.Studies, Radio Television Center George P. Wilson

WTJU is covered by Charlottesville Daily Progress for 24 hour marathon spinner April 25, 1961, WTJU announcer Matthew W.Lucas. Also in newspaper for Rod Collins show "Make friends with music."



President James L. Jenkins
Vice President Harry F. Swope
Treasurer Harry F. Swope
Secretary Richard A. Stanley
Assit.Dir Pub. Relat. Michael Hughes
Program Director Christopher Pasles
Assist Program Dir. Nikky Ramsey
Librarian Noel Acton
Executive Secretary John Dinsmore
Chief Engineer Benjamin Crutchfield
Assist C. Engineer William Henning


Jazz Director Thomas E. Spillers
Assit. Jazz Director David E. Schreiber
Chief Announcer Barry T. Crickmer
Assit. C. Announcer David Lineham

October 1964


President Ron Stenlake
Treasurer Tom Thompson
Secretary Richard A. Stanley
Chief Announcer Angus McDonald
Chief Announcer Dave Ramsey

October 12, 1965


President Ron Stenlake
Program Director Steve Middlebrook
Treasurer Martin Teel
Secretary Tom Thomson
Chief Engineer Paul Shumate
Librarian Steve Weed
Chief Announcer David Ramsey

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