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Gallatin Canyon LIVE, February 7

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on WTJU Folk Marathon

Thursday, February 7, 2013

7-8 pm (est)



Gallatin Canyon, who opened for President Obama in Charlottesville last summer, will stop by Thursday, February 7, as part of the WTJU Folk Marathon concert series.

Gallatin Canyon is a bluegrass trio founded by local musicians and bluegrass aficionados, Andy Thacker, Landon Fishburne and Ben Hernandez. Influenced by dozens of great bluegrass acts, both contemporary and from the past, the band focuses on masterful instrumentation, air-tight bluegrass arrangements and soaring vocal harmonics. And it's not uncommon to see them joined, in the true spirit of bluegrass music, by any number of other local musicians that add even more elements to the lineup. In particular, the trio often expands to a five or even six-piece ensemble, when it officially transforms into the Gallatin Canyon Bluegrass Band -- adding the musical wizardry of Adam Larrabee (banjo), Darrell Muller (upright bass/vocals) and Jay Starling on dobro. But you can catch the trio in its root form every Thursday night from 9:30-11:30 pm at Postively 4th Street on the Downtown Mall.  Below they are joined by Adam Larrabee.

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