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Departmental Training Coordinator

WTJU Departmental Training Coordinator

Immediate Supervisor
WTJU General Manager
General Definition of Work
First line contact with volunteers considered for membership at WTJU. Coordinate training with Departmental Music Directors and/or Production Director. Assist General Manager in maintenance and updates of Operations Manual.
Primary Duties
Training volunteers for paperwork, technical and musical aspects of radio programming (note: General Manager will address legal issues with all candidates); Supervise and evaluate ongoing performance through analysis of show recordings, and coaching; Assist music directors in placing trainees in shows for “shadowing”.
Typical Tasks
Orient volunteers on the basic workings of a radio station including the Main Air Console, Turntables, CD Players, CD Burners, the On-Air Operations Computer, voice levels and other presentation information. Responsible for follow-up contact with all applicants whether accepted or not. Coordinate training sessions in main air studio with General Manager. Assist General Manager in training volunteers in fundraising techniques in preparation for quarterly on-air fund drives. Keep track of volunteer projects and participants.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Significant familiarity with basic technical workings of a radio station and good "people skills". Good organizational skills are also necessary.
Education & Experience
Some college required
Special Requirements
Availability for irregular hours
Conditions of Employment
Estimated time commitment

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