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Down Home on Cosmic American Jamboree, January 30



on Cosmic American Jamboree

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

4:30 pm (est)



Nashville group Down Home will stop by WTJU Wednesday, January 30, for a visit with Cosmic American Jamboree host Jay Hertel.  The band is in town for a gig at the Blue Moon Diner this Thursday, January 31.

What originally started as a solo project for singer/songwriter Jeff Estes, the band Down Home is a result of several musicians' varying styles. Lead guitarist Rob Havill and Jeff first met in Breckenridge Colorado while playing open mic nights in local bars. Within weeks of meeting they joined forces with performing artist Erin Duvall and band The Star Gazing Rebels. After successfully touring Colorado, Texas and Tennessee in 2011, the band split up to pursue other interests. In the spring of 2012 Jeff dedicated his time to playing and writing music in Austin Texas, dialing in live performances and creating the foundation for Down Home's unique style. Re-uniting with Rob in July, the band has a solidified core which blends elements of Folk Rock, Alternative Country, and Southern Blues.

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