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Volunteer Profile: Goldfinger
Goldfinger in the WTJU Studios
Who: Scott Shisler. AKA Goldfinger. Sometimes known as Ska "T".

Joined WTJU: Spring of 1991... the then-current DJ of "Reggae Vibrations" told me he was leaving the station to join the Peace Corps, when I was paying a pledge. Asked me if I'd be interested in coming in, and taking it over. I dove in.

Day Job: I am one of the 99%. For decades, I was involved in film and computer magazine publication... shown the outsourcing door with my colleagues in 2009. Since: house-painter. Vintage autobody restoration. Carpentry. Graphic design, freehand and digital. Whatever it takes to keep my Friday afternoons open. Background: Born in Jeffersonian Charlottesville, reared in Madisonian Orange county. A local yokel.

Favorite albums: Raw Power by Iggy & the Stooges. Black Market Clash. Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols. Patsy Cline, the Definitive Collection. Roosevelt Sykes Sings The Blues. London Symphony Orchestra's adaptation of Tchiakovsky's The Sleeping Beauty. Rastaman Vibration and Survival by Bob Marley and the Wailers. Explosive Rock Steady. And a cast of thousands. What makes you tick? Music. Artistic innovation. Information. Collectivism. Making order out of chaos. Speaking my peace. Walking into a concert hall and feeling the bass pound in my lungs. That makes me tick.

Something most 'TJU-ers don't know about you: That I still own the first album I ever bought: Neal Hefti's original soundtrack to the TV series Batman. It's extra-classic. Cesar Romero, as the Joker, needed a check-up from the neck-up.

Favorite radio show besides your own: One thing I dread is being asked what my favorite radio show might be on WTJU. I listen, constantly. Every department. Anywhere.  But, if I couldn't listen to Professor Bebop, Soulful Situation, Radio Tropicale, Radio Freedonia, Folk & Beyond, Anything the Rock Department gives to noon on Friday... you can bag me and tag me.

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