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Dave Grant Memorial

Dave Grant Memorial


WTJU Radio will host two memorial jams for Dave Grant on Saturday, March 30: from 10am until 2 pm in our studios, and in a local restaurant during the afternoon. In addition to his contributions as musician and producer among numerous local and regional bands, Dave was one of our deejays, most recently for Radio Tropicale and Danza Latina, and we're joining staff and listeners to make music in his honor, here in the studio. Then, after 2pm, everyone is invited to meet for live music and conversation at El Girasol (The Sunflower) Mexican Restaurant, located in the Monticello Dairy Bldg on Grady Avenue at Preston, from 2-6 pm. He was an extraordinary individual, and a good friend to many of us. We'll miss him deeply. Join us in celebration of his life.

We'd like to make sure we have room for everyone, so if you're interested in joining us here in the studio, please give us an idea of when you'd like to play or to say a few words in his honor. For more information, contact Mare, preferably by e-mail, at or, (if you don't have e-mail) at 296-7198. We hope you'll join us either here or at El Girasol, or both.

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