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Dave Grant Memorial

Dave Grant Memorial

Dave Grant Memorial Events and Shows

Dave Grant, co-host of Radio Tropical on 91.1 WTJU-FM, was killed in a work-related accident Tuesday March 5, 2002. He leaves behind a wife, Darlene, a son, Ryan and many friends and family. Dave interests and involvements were extensive but he was best known as the bass player of The Guano Boys.

In the Spring of 1996 Jim Schneider, host of the fabulous world music show The Zebra Club, left WTJU. Dave Grant and Bruce Penner took over the Wednesday afternoon timeslot and initially changed the name of the show to Sons of Zebra to honor Jim. By 1997 they changed it to Radio Tropical. Dave was always willing to stretch the boundaries of "world/international music" during this show, frequently working James Brown and other "world artists" into this very eclectic program. Radio Tropical airs every Wednesday at Noon on WTJU.

Many WTJU announcers have dedicated programs to Dave. Thanks to all of them for their heartfelt expressions. In addition, on Saturday, March 30, 2002 there will be a WTJU-sponsored DAVE GRANT MEMORIAL JAM. Come and share music or stories at these two events.

Also, there will be a Starr Hill Music Hall-sponsored memorial event and benefit Dave's son Ryan.

Some local newspapers did articles and tributes to Dave Grant, including a C'Ville Weekly story honoring Dave Grant and Gary Hawk written by Crispy Duck and two stories in The Hook, one by Hawes Spencer and one by Lisa Provence. If you have Dave Grant stories, comments, questions or other you may send them to WTJU.

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