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Beleza LIVE on Walk Right In, March 13


on Walk Right In

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1 pm

In advance of Beleza Quartet's concert at the Mockingbird in Staunton, VA on March 17, Madeline Holly Sales and Humberto "Berto" Sales will Walk Right In on March 13 for a chat with host Rebecca Foster.  They will also perform a few original tunes written by Madeline.

United by musical interests that include samba, funk, soul, blues, bossa, jazz and Spanish flamenco; Humberto Oliveira Sales and Madeline Holly Sales blend the melodic, rhythmic and harmonic riches from North and South America.  Berto, native to Brazil, pursued a formal education in classical guitar. His knowledge of Brazilian rhythms and study of Spanish Flamenco add to the unique finger picking style he uses.   Madeline brings with her the strong influence of soul, jazz and blues.  She sings in Portuguese, English and Spanish.  Her sensual, rich voice, playful interpretations, and strong stage presence make their combination extremely unique. They perform as a duo or with a full band, accompanied by Dave Berzonsky on bass and Matt Wyatt on drums.  Special guests include Jeff Decker on saxophones and Eric Gertner on percussion. 

Since living in the U.S., Beleza has continued to incorporate the influence of funk, blues, and soul into their unique style.  The resulting concoction was aptly described by one fan as funkalicious samba soul.  Their new EP was 100% fan funded and includes originals as well as Beleza arrangements.

In 2011 as both performers and music educators, the duo traveled with Enrichment Voyages (academically sponsored by the University of Virginia) around Central America, through the Panama Canal, into the Amazon River in Brazil, and throughout the Caribbean.

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