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Audio History

WTJU Audio History

The audio files in this section are a small sample of Programs, IDs, PSAs, Promos, and other oddities. As of May 2007 the majority are courtesy of WTJU mid-80s alum, Mike Buck! If you have such materials and the ability to rip the recordings to a CDR please send those to WTJU for the archives. If at all possible, files should be saved as wave files. If you are unable to do that you may send the originals and we will do it for you and then return the recording to you.

TypeTitleYear WhoAudio
idAll I've Got To Say1984Eric Idlemp3ogg
idBright Side of Life1984Eric Idlemp3ogg
idChew it One Time1984Dale Kutynamp3ogg
idDifference in Radio1984David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
idHoliday in Cambodia1984Jello Biaframp3ogg
idJust Doin' It1984Eric Idlemp3ogg
idLets Active1984Mitch Eastermp3ogg
idLive Squid1984Michael Deanmp3ogg
idMidnight Oil1984Rob Hurst (Midnight Oil)mp3ogg
idNixon & Fibonaccis1984David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
idNoMan1984Dale Kutynamp3ogg
idNoMan Ni Ni Ni1984Dale Kutynamp3ogg
idPeaceful & Happy, #11984Pete Garrett (Midnight Oil)mp3ogg
idPeaceful & Happy, #21984Pete Garrett (Midnight Oil)mp3ogg
idPicking Cotton1984Rob Hurst (Midnight Oil)mp3ogg
idRevolutionary Radio1984Unknownmp3ogg
idRock and Roll for Central VA1984David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
idSave Monty Python1984Eric Idlemp3ogg
idSimple1984David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
idTry & Pay Attention1984Eric Idlemp3ogg
idYou're listening to WTJU1984Rob Hurst (Midnight Oil)mp3ogg
idBack & Forth1985Michael Dritschelmp3ogg
idFred Frith Always Tunes1985Unknownmp3ogg
idFred Frith in New York1985Unknownmp3ogg
idHexbreaker1985Fleshtones Band membersmp3ogg
idMarch Music1985Michael Dritschelmp3ogg
idREM Whistling1985Cindy Gillenmp3ogg
idReal Music For Real Men1985David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
idStaying Up All Night on a Cocaine Binge1985Chuck Adcockmp3ogg
idComplete Original SessionUnknownEric Idlemp3ogg
intervwJad Fair1984John Beersmp3ogg
programBess's Farewell2006Bessmp3
program50th Anniv Show 4-01-07 (Various)2007Chuck Taylormp3ogg
promoA Certain Ratio1981Chuck Taylor & Regina Lluchmp3ogg
promoBoy Meets Girl1981Chuck Taylor & Regina Lluchmp3ogg
promoEn Espanol1981Chuck Taylor & Regina Lluchmp3ogg
promoFAWTAS (Tele & Rubberband)1981Chuck Taylor & Regina Lluchmp3ogg
promoFAWTAS (Tele & Rubberband Spanish lesson)1981Chuck Taylor & Regina Lluchmp3ogg
promoAnd More Again (Misc Music)1984Unknownmp3ogg
promoCabaret Time #11984Will Kernermp3ogg
promoCabaret Time #21984Will Kernermp3ogg
promoFAWTAS (All True Freedom)1984Chuck Taylormp3ogg
promoFAWTAS (Forbidden Colours)1984Chuck Taylormp3ogg
promoFrom A Whisper To A Scream (Sakamoto Forbidden Colors)1984Chuck Taylormp3ogg
promoHard Disc Drive (Prince & other)1984Aaron Margosismp3ogg
promoHardcore Rules1984John Beers & Charley Xmp3ogg
promoHardcore Show (Billy Jean)1984John Beersmp3ogg
promoHardcore Show (guest host Wendell)1984Maynard Sipemp3ogg
promoHeavy Show (Black Sabbath)1984Kenny Ayscuemp3ogg
promoHeavy Show (Hall of the Mtn. King)1984Kenny Ayscuemp3ogg
promoHour of the Wolf (California Special)1984Unknownmp3ogg
promoHour of the Wolf1984Unknownmp3ogg
promoMusic From Around The World1984Eve Wattersmp3ogg
promoNot Fade Away (Genesis)1984David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
promoNot Fade Away (Punk Special Promo #1)1984David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
promoNot Fade Away (Punk Special Promo #2)1984David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
promoNot Fade Away, Phil Spector Special (Baby I Love You)1984Unknownmp3ogg
promoNot Fade Away,The Noise Show, Ed. 2l1984John Beersmp3ogg
promoReggae Vibrations (Roots Rock Reggae)1984Simone & The Rasta Manmp3ogg
promoRock n' Roll For Lunch Bunch (Breaking the Rules)1984David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
promoSakamoto Forbidden Colors1984From A Whisper To A Screammp3ogg
promoSpace Cadet Music Show (Glimpse Musical Worlds)1984Boris Starostamp3ogg
promoSpace Cadet Music Show (Still Pretty Disgusting)1984Boris Starostamp3ogg
promoSpace Cadet Music Show1984Boris Starostamp3ogg
promoSunrise Magazine (Auction Caller)1984Alberto Vasquezmp3ogg
promoThe Crank of Dawn (Dulcimer Music)1984Alberto Vasquezmp3ogg
promoTime is Tight (If You Enjoy)1984David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
promoTime is Tight (Losing Your Head Over)1984David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
promoTime is Tight (Music Speaks for Itself)1984David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
promoTime is Tight1984David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
promoUnited States Live Show (US Music Laurie Anderson)1984Michael Dritschelmp3ogg
promoWTJU Fall Schedule1984John Beers & David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
promoWhat The Future Holds (Are You Depressed 2)1984Michael Buckmp3ogg
promoWhat The Future Holds (Laurie Anderson)1984Michael Buckmp3ogg
promoWhat The Future Holds (moves)1984Michael Buckmp3ogg
promoWhat the Future Holds (Rotting Corpses)1984Michael Buckmp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon (Misc. Music)1985David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon (Morse Code)1985Brian Chidleymp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon1985Tesla Girls Lulu & Mariamp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon, 4 (Ad, Factory, Mute #1)1985Michael Buckmp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon, 4 (Ad, Factory, Mute #2)1985Michael Buckmp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon, Eno (Eno)1985Aaron Margosismp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon, I Believe (Misc. Music)1985David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon, Master Jams (Grandmaster Jam)1985Unknownmp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon, Neil Young (Neil Young)1985Chuck Adcockmp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon, New Progressoids #11985David Wellbeloved & Michael Buckmp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon, New Progressoids #21985David Wellbeloved & Michael Buckmp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon, Old Progressoids (King Crimson)1985Unknownmp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon, Ralp Records (Residents)1985Michael Buckmp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon, Spoken Word (Misc. Voices)1985Michael Buckmp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon, Stale Sounds (Misc. Music)1985Unknownmp3ogg
promo85 Rock Marathon, Weird Music1985John Beersmp3ogg
promo85 Rock MarathonWhat Have You Got (Zappa)1985Chuck Taylormp3ogg
promo85 Spring Classical Marathon, Bachathon (Bach)1985Unknownmp3ogg
promo85 Spring Classical Marathon, Requests (Misc. Music)1985Unknownmp3ogg
promoAvoiding Another Nightmare1985Brian Chidleymp3ogg
promoCountry Music on WTJU (Bluegrass)1985Unknownmp3ogg
promoFAWTAS (How Much Fun, USA)1985Chuck Taylormp3ogg
promoFAWTAS Everything That Rises (FAWTAS Everything That Rises, FGTH)1985Chuck Taylormp3ogg
promoFAWTAS, Can Be Heard (Frankie Goes to Hollywood)1985Chuck Taylormp3ogg
promoFAWTAS, Everything That Rises (Penguine Cafe)1985Chuck Taylormp3ogg
promoMoving Away From the Pulsebeat1985Maynard Sipemp3ogg
promoPredawn Scream #1 (Umagumma)1985Chuck Adcockmp3ogg
promoPredawn Scream #21985Chuck Adcockmp3ogg
promoThe Shapes of Things (Misc. Music)1985Unknownmp3ogg
promoThe Subterranean Show1985Lulump3ogg
promoTrance & Dance #31985Will Kernermp3ogg
promoTrance & Dance #41985Will Kernermp3ogg
promoTrance & Dance, #1 (You Wind Me Up)1985Will Kernermp3ogg
promoTrance & Dance, #21985Will Kernermp3ogg
promoWTJU, Pay Your Pledge (Zappa Cosmic Debris)1985David Wellbelovedmp3ogg
promoWhat the Future Holds (Beautiful Music to Dance Degeneracy)1985Michael Buckmp3ogg
promoWhat the Future Holds (Get Out Your Frustrations)1985Michael Buckmp3ogg
promoWhat the Future Holds (Songs of Love & Nicenes)1985Michael Buckmp3ogg
promoFAWTAS (Manzanera guitar)1986Chuck Taylormp3ogg
promoWTJU 40th Anniversary (A Summer Place)1997Chuck Taylormp3ogg
promoWTJU Living Time (David Murray)1997David Murraymp3ogg
promo50th Anniversary (Peabody)2007Chuck Taylormp3ogg
promoFive hr Electronic music show (Various)UnknownChuck Taylor & Michael Dritschelmp3ogg
promoFrom A Whisper To A Scream (Sakamoto All True Freedom is dark)UnknownChuck Taylormp3ogg
promoFrom A Whisper To A Scream (Sakamoto All True Freedom is dark variant)UnknownChuck Taylormp3ogg
promoFrom A Whisper To A ScreamUnknownChuck Taylor & Howard Finstermp3ogg
promoGeneric Rock MarathonUnknownChuck Taylormp3ogg
promoMusic Acappella Marathon ShowUnknownChuck Taylormp3ogg
promoTrax Video Party (Various:1984)UnknownDavid Wellbelovedmp3ogg
promoTwisted Minds, Contorted music marathon (Renaldo & The Loaf)UnknownChuck Taylormp3ogg
promoWimp Rock Special ProgramUnknownChuck Taylormp3ogg
psaSmoking (Smoke Gets In Your Eyes)1984Maynard Sipemp3ogg

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