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Special Programming: World AIDS/Domestic Violence
Special Programming:
World AIDS & Domestic Violence
November 27 - December 4, 2010

World Turning Sat Nov 27 7:30pm

Ginger welcomes a Zulu guest to talk about the state of modern South Africa, and will feature music from across southern and east Africa.

Radio Wowsville Sun Nov 28 11:00pm

Don Harrison will explore the dark side of Wowsville, and those who tell of their damaged lives.

The Broadcasting System Mon Nov 29 2:00pm

Tyler Magill will conduct a tour of some of the many, many countries in which violence against women and AIDS are an everyday occurrence.

La Belle Musique Tue Nov 30 6:00am

Elizabeth Benzinger will address the topic of domestic violence as an ongoing part of her early morning classical show.

All That Jazz Tue Nov 30 9:00am

All that Jazz will spotlight the music of South African expats: pianist Abdullah (Dollar Brand) Ibrahim, bassist Johnny Dyani, and saxophonist Dudu Pukwana.

Walk Right In Tue Nov 31 Noon

Rebecca will air a conversation about interviewing Morgan Harrington's mother and her fearless desire to keep things out in the open so other people can learn and be helped.

Radio Tropicale Wed Dec 1 Noon

Bruce welcomes Prof Denise Walsh and others to a noon hour panel discussion of both topics, with music from singer Brenda Fassie and the Afrobeat creator Fela Kuti.

Pulse! (a new jazz show from David Lee) Thu Dec 2 9:00am

David will read personal stories from The Shelter for Help in Emergency, and from the National AIDS Trust.

Cosmic American Jamboree Thu Dec 2 Noon

Lonesome George brings you songs from Hank and the boys and the women who loved them in spite of the hand raised against 'em.

The Eclectic Woman Thu Dec 2 7:00pm

Tonight's host will feature music and stories of people who have lived with violence and disease.

Reggae Vibrations Fri Dec 3 2:00pm

Goldfinger selects to tell of violence and disease on the island of Jamaica but also plays music of resistance - to rise up against women's oppression.

Professor Bebop Fri Dec 3 11:00pm

Professor Bebop continues his Auto-Motorvation series on music ofcars, turning to the twisted souls of those who drive into darkness, and the cost to its victims.

Atlantic Weekly Part One Sat Dec 4 10:00am

Steve Kindig will play songs of troubled women and the men that trouble them.

Sunshine Daydreams Sat Dec 4 Noon

Bill Tetzeli will show how the daydreams can turn dark, and violence ensue.

Vagabond Shoes Sat Dec 4 6:00pm

Vagabond Shoes features the work of HIV-positive artists and songs about AIDS, as well as the issue of domestic violence against women in various genres from country to jazz to rock. Join us in venturing into diverse musical territories that examine and reflect these pressing global concerns. Music can't solve these problems, but it can draw attention to them.

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