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Andy Friedman LIVE on Folk & Beyond

  Andy Friedman
LIVE on Folk & Beyond with Aer Stephen
Thursday, December 10, 2009, 6:00 PM

Andy Friedman photo by Matt Dellinger

Andy Friedman brings home this special Live and Loaded edition of Folk & Beyond. You can catch Andy with his new band, Andy Friedman and the Golden Winners, Sunday, December 13th, for a performance on Charlottesville's downtown mall at The Southern.

Andy is a special artist, with many talents. His gag cartoons have been published in The New Yorker, but the songs written by "hard scrabble singer-songwriter" (Time Out New York) and "erudite redneck" (Boston Globe) Andy Friedman aren't written for laughs. "Friedman has a mastery of wordy self-loathing that many white dudes with guitars would kill for," says Nashville Scene. The title track to his debut studio album, 2006's Taken Man (City Salvage Records/Rounder Europe), found itself at number 30 on the New York Post's "207 Best Songs To Download in 2007. Other songwriters and performers on the extensive list included Amy Winehouse ("Rehab," 1), Neil Young ("Dirty Old Man," 65), Bruce Springsteen ("Radio Nowhere," 114), and 50 Cent ("I Get Money," 205). Friedman's upstart Brooklyn-based independent label, City Salvage Records, has been home to many Charlottesville-based songwriters, including college-buddy Paul Curreri, Devon Sproule, Keith Morris, and Brady Earnhart, since it's inception in 2001.

Nicknamed the "Hillbilly Leonard Cohen" (Athens News) and "The King of Art Country," (Minneapolis City Pages) Friedman's "fractured folk songs" (Los Angeles Times) explore issues of art, wild dreams, and wanderlust, while celebrating "those who wash down life's knuckle sandwiches with ice-cold despair" (Time Out New York). NPR's Faith Salie adds, "Friedman is not exactly one of those musicians you play while you're paying your bills or cleaning the house. His songs demand that you sit down and listen to them, which is why he is such a hot live act."

In January of this year, Friedman -- "perhaps the truest singer-songwriter in the borough" (Go! Brooklyn) released his second studio album, Weary Things (City Salvage/Kindred Rhythm). The album garnered widespread critical praise, with The New Yorker proclaiming that Friedman's "hard-tack" country originals bear "the mark of a true artist," while called his songwriting "unforgettable." Appearances on NPR's coveted Mountain Stage and a feature interview on XM's Bob Edwards Show further solidified Friedman's growing reputation as "a songwriter with an engagingly singular voice," (Philadelphia Inquirer) and a "dusty, paint-splattered Americana sage." (Rochester News & Democrat) Old Crow Medicine Show's Ketch Secor, in a poem written about Friedman's sophomore album, called Weary Things a "certified, genuine American tune." Indie-folk icon Sufjan Stevens proclaimed, "I think the world of Andy Friedman. I've always wanted to be Andy Friedman." In the album's liner notes, the Pulitzer-nominated author (Jernigan) and former senior arts editor for Newsweek David Gates sets the tone for Weary Things: "What [Friedman] sees through his windshield isn't Greil Marcus's Old Weird America, but the weird new America where the pastoral is no longer pure."

Weary Things

For the past three years, Friedman has made a name for himself touring with The Other Failures , who have been called "one of the most respected bands on the Brooklyn scene" (Cleveland Free Times). This fall, Friedman introduced a new backing band, The Golden Winners, and embarked on a 22-city tour premiering boatloads of new material along with refreshing re-arrangements of Friedman-penned tunes. In contrast to the gritty, electric music of The Other Failures, Friedman's new, acoustic-based ensemble brings a warm, mellifluous backdrop for what the Nashville Scene refers to as Friedman's "dark, singular" songwriting and "world weary" vocal delivery. While his songs are anything but funny, Friedman has published over a dozen gag cartoons in The New Yorker under the pseudonym Larry Hat. As an award-winning illustrator published under his own name, Friedman's portraits of cultural figures appear regularly in literally hundreds of magazines and newspapers worldwide, including recent covers for the New York Times Magazine and The New Republic.

Fellowship of the Family's Joe Lieberman, George Allen, Tom Coburn, Mark Pryor, Doug Coe, Hillary Clinton, Jesus Christ, James Inhofe. Sam Brownback, Mother Theresa, Rick Santorum, Bob Bennett, and John Ashcroft at the National Prayer Breakfast. ~ Mother Jones

Neil Young Neil Young ~ Chicago Tribune Magazine

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