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Acme Swing Mfg. Co. on Sunset Road

Acme Swing Mfg. Co.
on Sunset Road
Friday July 22, 2011, around 5:30pm

Acme Swing Mfg. Co.

Members of Charlottesvill'e hot swing combo, Acme Swing Mfg Co, will be appearing on Sunset Road on Fri 7/22 prior to their appearance at C'ville Coffee on 7/23.

If Wile E. Coyote and Cab Calloway had a love child, it would be ACME Swing Mfg. Co. Clarinet and sax lines, searing violin solos, girl-girl harmonies, accordion and uke combine to give you the best hot jazz combo experience this side of The Cotton Club.

Reproducing the spirit of the speakeasy but not stuck in that “retro-novelty” niche, ACME slays you with originals, sprinkles in Blues, Bop, Latin and Cool, as well as giving their own spin on vintage tunes. You have only to hear their version of “Caravan” (which includes a little “Hava-Nagila”) or that famous mechanized Warner-Brothers cartoon themed “Powerhouse” by Raymond Scot (accompanied by Slinkys) to realize how their collective personality is set on the Coyote’s dial: “Seriously Ridiculous.”

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