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Sarah O'Halloran joins Thom Pease as co-host of "The Listening Room"
Sarah O'HalloranSarah O'Halloran joins WTJU as a new co-host to alternate with Thom Pease on The Listening Room, heard every Wednesday evening from 7 to 9 pm, featuring classical music from the 20th and 21st centuries.

O’Halloran comes from Ireland and moved to Charlottesville in 2009 to work on her doctorate in composition at UVa’s McIntire Department of Music. Sarah’s music includes concert pieces for acoustic instruments and electronic sounds, installations, and sculptures. Her work has been performed at festivals including Gaudeamus (Netherlands), Sonorities (UK), Ostrava Days (Czech Republic), and the International Computer Music Conference (New York). Sarah is also active in Charlottesville’s music scene, performing in or producing concerts as often as possible.

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