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Joe Overton & Clear Blue Sky on The Cosmic American Jamboree, June 14


Joe Overton

& The Clear Blue Sky

on The Cosmic American Jamboree

Thursday, June14, 2012

1 pm (edt)

Joe Overton & Clear Blue Sky will stop by for a visit with Pinetops Stephen on The Cosmic American Jamboree this Thursday.  The band will be performing with Tumbling Bones the following Thursday, June 21, at the Mockingbird in Staunton, Virginia.

Good, old-fashioned country music makes you want to dance. It tells the stories of pain, heart break, and hope that bring us all together. The Clear Blue Sky takes you there. They bring you real country music from their home on the Blue Ridge of Central Virginia. Frontman Joe Overton has one foot hopelessly stuck in 1954. He sings songs from the early days of country music, when hillbilly stringband music and the blues wove together with the electric guitar to create an infectious sound that would change the face of music. If one thing is Clear after you hear the Blue Sky, it’s that an old-school country sound is as relevant today as it’s ever been. But these young dogs have a few new tricks, and Overton’s songwriting, while blending right in with the classics, shows lyrical shades of Prine, Kristofferson, and Van Zandt, the off-beat poet heroes of many who think that country music has taken a few wrong turns in the past couple decades. So whether you come to two-step, cry in your drink, or kick back after a long day on the job, you aren’t likely to leave disappointed.

The Clear Blue Sky is

  • Joe Overton - Guitar and Vocals
  • Sabra Guzman - Bass and Vocals
  • Josh Vana - Electric Guitar
  • Joe Basconi - Fiddle

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