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3 Penny Acre stops by WTJU, June 30



on Tell Us A Tale

Sunday, June 30, 2013

12:30 pm (edt)



3 Penny Acre will stop by WTJU on Sunday afternoon, June 30, for a visit to Tell Us A Tale.  They will be at Blue Mountain Brewery Saturday afternoon, June 29, and will then head up to Fairfax, VA for a house concert after their radio appearance.  The trio is currently touring behind its latest release, Highway 71.

3 Penny Acre's
unique Ozark inspired sound has more than a regional appeal. Listeners in all corners will appreciate their attention to lyrics, harmony, and carefully crafted acoustic arrangements.  The trio is made up of Bryan Hembree on guitar, Bayard Blain on mandolin and guitar, and Bernice Hembree on bass.

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