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Six Pack Songwriters on Around This Town, Feb 18



on Around This Town

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

4:30 pm (edt)

Three members of the local Six Pack Songwriter series will stop by WTJU Tuesday, February 18, for a visit to Around This Town.  Sam Cregger, John Kelly, and Alice Clair will bring their instruments, and will each play a few tunes in between talking about the entire group's upcoming show at Rapunzel's Coffee & Books on Friday, February 21.  Also joining them will be Six Pack founder Jason Burke, who will discuss the group's mission.

You can stream their visit to WTJU anywhere in the world at, or by using TuneIn.

Sam Creggar
Originally from the DC area, Sam Cregger now resides in Charlottesville where he works during the day at Bellair Farm CSA as a farm hand. His nights are often spent writing and performing music. Recently, he has been recording his second record. Produced by Sam Wilson from Sons of Bill, Cregger's sophomore album is expected late February with songs about life, family, farming and fictional wild west outlaws.

John Kelly
John Kelly is a Charlottesville-based singer songwriter with more than two decades of solo acoustic performing experience. He performed extensively in the New York area, including at numerous clubs (including the famed Bitter End), coffeehouses, bookstores and more, before moving to Charlottesville in 2001. Building off of early influences including Simon and Garfunkel, Dan Fogelberg, Kenny Loggins and others, he has developed his own soulful style that is informed and inspired by singer songwriters artists including Lyle Lovett, John Hiatt and Cliff Eberhardt, to name a few. Kelly worked with highly acclaimed producer Rob Mathes on his debut CD, Brighter Days.

Alice Sinclair
Nelson County, VA singer-songwriter Alice Clair doesn’t remember when she wasn’t writing songs.  Playing live for the last 2 years has given her the opportunity to take her music from home to the stage.  Alice was introduced to the guitar at age 9.  Now 16, she has added some trumpet and piano to her musical toolkit.

Alice Clair writes songs that land somewhere between acoustic pop and alternative.  She draws inspiration from a feeling; passion arisen from a stone, from the sand, from the sky, but above all, from the human experience and the results of our interaction. Her musical influences include folk/alternative rock bands such as Radiohead and The Avett Brothers, but there are others: For example the atmospheric and alternative sounds of The Antlers resides within her song “Done,” while the search for enlightenment, helped along by Cat Stevens, is highlighted in “Please Love”.

At present, Alice is a solo performer and a regular at Rapunzel’s Open Mic. She aspires to release an album someday and is enthusiastically planning to extend her reach.

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