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Six Pack Songwriters on Around This Town, Nov 12



on Around This Town

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4:30 pm (edt)

Three members of the local Six Pack Songwriter series will stop by WTJU Tuesday, November 12, for a visit to Around This Town.  Holly Renee Allen, Thomas Gunn and Oona Love will bring their instruments and each play a few tunes in between talking about the entire group's upcoming show at Rapunzel's Coffee & Books on Friday, November15.  Also joining them will be Six Pack founder Jason Burke, who will discuss the group's mission.

Holly Renee Allen
With a voice real and as honest as they come, Holly Renee Allen delivers Americana soul. Her songs are rich and vibrant, lyrically intelligent... "Southernese" set the tone for RED DIRT SOUL. A melodic collection of the usual love, heartache, and longing but bold as a ruby camellia blooming in the Georgia red clay. The musical chemistry between Kearns and Allen is once again apparent on BIG LOVE. Lyrically it is potent and personal, the telling of real life, past and present. Musically mellow and steady on, like an excellent Sunday drive with just enough curve to keep things interesting and enough blue sky to keep you on the good foot.

Thomas Gunn
Multi-instrumentalist Thomas Gunn writes songs in a wide variety of styles that are unique, poignant and always interesting. Born in London, England, Thomas is a graduate of the Berklee School of Music. He has taught music and performed locally and around Charlottesville since 1997, in a broad assortment of bands that have included Italian folk, Portuguese Fado, Cajun, rock, and jazz. Thomas is currently involved with two notable projects, The Michael Clem Trio and The Pollocks, the latter of whom will be completing an album in 2013, featuring songs co-written by Thomas and Jason Pollock.

Oona Love
"Out of The Ashes", the newest full length release of Oona Love is true to its title. The twelve track album is her Phoenix Song. The long awaited release, comes after years of toiling in cover bands, in Celtic Pubs, and as a solo artist.  The influences are easy to hear; her natural Celtic vibrato shines in her lyrical folk rock and Americana songwriting which takes the listener on a journey. The songs cover every aspect of life ,from love to love lost and love found again, self esteem, the AIDS epidemic, homelessness, our current political climate, true friendship, human rights, death, birth, and everything in between. Each track shines with pure honesty in lyric and in Oona's voice.

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