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2008 Spring Fund-Raising Marathon

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91.1 WTJU 2008 Spring Marathon Fundraiser

91.1 WTJU welcomes you to ten days of special programming with excursions into all of the variations of Folk and Rock sounds. We'll plumb the genres of Folk, World and Americana, and then Rock, Indie and a bit of Disco! Be sure to check out several guest performers including Mando Mafia, Accordion Death Squad, Alligator, and a number of local singer-songwriters, as well as Bump from Black Lung Records. Please also show your support of our news and public affairs shows and be sure to check out the special events .

WTJU is unique among most radio stations today in that our announcers program their own shows. The opportunity to explore and present any and all of the music the world has to offer makes for some very interesting programming indeed. We believe our listeners expect surprises, and anyone who has tuned in for any length of time will tell you they heard something new every day. The depth of musical knowledge of our announcers and support staff, and the music collections they bring to WTJU's programming, are the currency we trade with you, our listeners, for your enthusiasm and financial contributions to keep the music loud, clear, and free of commercial announcements. Join us in supporting -- in any way that you can -- live, locally-produced, world-inclusive broadcasting. Call with your pledge to 434.924.3418 or 434.924.3959. You can also listen, see our schedule, donate, or drop us a line at Happy listening!


Emmett Boaz, our host for Leftover Biscuits, says that "sooner or later you got to put a dime in the jukebox." We hope you agree that every dime you pledge is well-spent. More than anything else, your contributions fuel the enthusiasm our announcers feel about the music, and most of us purchase lots of new stuff to bring you in addition to the resources of the ever-expanding WTJU music library. This year’s programming includes a celebration of 20 years of Atlantic Weekly hosted by all eight announcers. We also have lots of crossover artists in the program: Lou Reed, John Cale, Lyle Lovett, Corey Harris, and of course, Neil Young. You’ll get a plate full of food songs, medicine from Doc Watson, and cats and dogs for the kids.

Tune in for some great LIVE broadcasts, an exploration of the mechanics of hallucinogenic music, and a wealth of great adventures in folk music of different times and in different countries. You’ll hear folk music in all its iterations, local and international, traditional and brand-new, gospel and irreverent. THANKS to everyone—our listeners, our underwriters, our behind-the-scenes volunteers and librarians, and the University, without all of whom we would not be nearly as vibrant and interesting.

-Mare Hunter, Folk Director


This year's Rock program promises the great spirit and energy called for by a marathon. With six days of non-stop rock music, our DJs will guide you through an incredible terrain of styles, moods and time periods. Expect WTJU to be dusting off great artists like Sam Cooke, the Velvet Underground and Little Feat and transporting you to the lands of Scandinavia, Hungary and Pakistan. We then return to our own dear Charlottesville, where we'll revere canonical indie rockers before dancing to old Prince and Italo Disco. Listen for screams, saxophones and murder ballads. Listen to the music of 1968, 1978, 1988, and 1998 and hear how we got to 2008.

And that's only a teaser: hear for yourself how our spring lineup really showcases the range of passion and knowledge in our all-star community of DJs and you'll understand why we Directors are so excited about this schedule.

138 hours of all-rock programming, 59 shows, 46 disc jockeys and something for everyone! Take a look, read up, get lively and tune in from April 1st to April 6th. And no, it's no tomfoolery - we plan to usher in April charged and ready for rock, and we can't wait for you to join us. Listen and show your financial support of WTJU’s rock music programming.

- Roger Barker & Sarah D'Adamo, Rock Directors

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