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2009 Fall Fund-Raising Marathon

91.1 WTJU 2009 Fall Marathon Fundraiser

Classical Welcome

Along with the fantastic Jazz Music Department here at WTJU, the Classical Music Department welcomes you to the 2009 Fall Fundraising Marathon!

Our volunteer DJs have come together to bring you a diverse and inspiring audio adventure through centuries and continents of classical music. From Broadway to Bach, Opera to Strings, Vienna to Shanghai, WTJU offers choices to suit every taste and time. In general WTJU's Classical music programming broadens musical horizons and appreciation of cultural heritages throughout the world. And the Marathons only deepen and enhance that experience. We promise you won't hear this anywhere else on the radio!

So we urge you to consider what this is worth to you and request that you pledge generously and often!! Take the next few moments to look at the schedule and mark your calendars! Donate online or call in starting October 23rd to keep great music flowing to you whenever you want it!

Cheers and happy listening!
Paula O'Buckley, WTJU Classical
 Paula O'Buckley

Classical Program Guide

Jazz Welcome

Dear Listeners,

Not only has the weather turned cool, but so have the airwaves, as the WTJU Fall Jazz and Blues Marathon once again swings into action. The countdown begins Wednesday morning October 28th and grooves through Sunday November 1st. This means that for 5 days your favorite jazz and blues hosts will bring you 19 hours a day of uninterrupted special jazz programming, designed to heighten your listening pleasure and your inspiration to generously loosen your wallets! A radio station is not a cheap thing to run. As public community radio, WTJU collects no advertising revenues, so YOUR financial support ensures that we stay on the air!

WTJU's volunteer DJ's are conspiring right now to make sure that by the end of day one you are addicted to this sonic nirvana. Be it jazz piano masters like McCoy Tyner and Thelonius Monk, scorching soul jazz, swinging clarinet, soaring vocalists like Nina Simone, modern funk monsters like Medeski Martin and Wood, or blues originals like Dr. John, there is a feast for all tastes on 91.1 FM during the 2009 Jazz and Blues Marathon. However, while enjoying the music, please remember to stir out of your reverie long enough to pick up the phone and call in a pledge (or 2 or 3!) or donate online. WTJU is one of Virginia's real treasures. And we need some of your treasure to keep circulating the golden tones. Thanks for listening and for your support!

Gary Funston, WTJU Jazz

Jazz Program Guide

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