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Heather Maloney and Darlingside on WTJU, Nov 17




Sunday, November 17, 2013

1 pm (edt)

Signature Sounds
recording artist Heather Maloney and Indie Folk group Darlingside will be performing this Saturday, November 16, at Bon Cafe in Charlottesville.  The next day they will stop by WTJU for a live performance.

“I always said that if I didn’t write songs, I’d be covered in tattoos, because every song I write is something I want to remember really badly,” says Heather Maloney.

She has no ink so far. Instead, the Northampton, Mass., singer and songwriter is marking life lessons with music on her new self-titled album released earlier this year on Signature Sounds, penning tuneful reminders to herself about the little triumphs of love.

If there’s a typical path to becoming a songwriter, Maloney didn’t follow it. Although she went to school for music and had done plenty of singing, she only began writing tunes a few years ago after living and working for three years in a silent-retreat meditation center in central Massachusetts.

Darlingside is a Massachusetts-based indie folk quartet. With four distinct voices clustered around a single microphone, their tightly-arranged tunes draw from the unexpected, featuring strains of bluegrass, classical, and barbershop. Accompanied by an arsenal of classical strings, guitars, mandolin, and percussion, these four close friends swap instruments from song to song, keeping audiences across the country on the edge of their seats.

Darlingside is Don Mitchell, guitar, vocals; Auyon Mukharji, mandolin, violin, vocals; Harris Paseltiner cello, guitar, bass, vocals; and David Senft vocals, bass guitar, guitar.

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