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Zuzu's Hot Five


Zuzu's Hot 5

on Lambeth Live

Friday, November 8, 2013

8-9 pm (edt)

Old-school speakeasy stars Zuzu's Hot 5 will take a break from playing for bathtub gin November 8 to play on Lambeth Live, WTJU's Friday night concert series.

Anywhere Zuzu’s Hot 5 is, there’s a slightly sinful house party. Sip and mingle, dance and flirt. Thrill to the call of the trombone and the trumpet’s response. The strings and bass send your body into a rhythm your Mama told you to stay away from. Like a strong cocktail or the perfect dance partner, Zuzu’s Hot 5 will leave you entertained, titillated, and a little high.

Zuzu’s mob has you in their sights. They’ll be partying until last call or until the joint’s raided. They will next be at Fellin's #9 in Charlottesville on Friday, November 22.

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