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Positive Collective


on Lambeth Live

Friday, October 25, 2013

8-9 pm (edt)

The Reggae, Ska and World sounds of Positive Collective will envelop the WTJU studios Friday night, October 25, when they touch down for a Lambeth Live concert.

Positive Collective
has roots in a fortunate encounter at Walnut Creek Park between Greg Ward and Chris Leva and families, and also a gig that required some Guano Boys subs.  One of those subs, suggested to Chris by Greg Ward, was Gabe Gavin on bass who subsequently booked a few gigs at Crozet Mudhouse for this unit (which was still open and amorphous at the time), and where  the Collective took shape.  Basement jams at Kevin Lynch's were gatherings of people with a positive outlook, and a listen-first attitude toward playing that made it clear we were on to something that felt right and was just way too easy.  Rootsman Greg Ward has played reggae around the world with many legends.  His original music is focused on the righteous way and his voice and playing are simply top-shelf.  Chris Leva has played roots music from Appalachian to African for the last 20 years, and brings that to his reggae and West African influenced instrumentals.  The skillful and deep grooving drumming of Paul Rosner, which is a centerpiece for Trees On Fire, provides the perfect coherence for the stylistic choices.  Gabe Gavin's heavy bottom Familyman-style bass playing adds the perfect gravity, and Nate Hawkes is a first-rate sax player and like stellar rhythm section men, Shallel and Jim Gagnon, as sweet a human as you're ever gonna meet.  The feet can't help but move and the face smile when the Positive Collective gets together.

Positive Collective consists of the following musically and spiritually
like-minded individuals:

  • Greg Ward and Chris Leva: guitars, vocals, songs
  • Paul Rosner: drums (Downbeat Project)
  • Gabe Gavin: bass
  • Nate Hawkes: baritone and tenor saxophones
  • Jim Gagnon: percussion

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