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Robert D'Earlesville & The Scavengers


on Lambeth Live

Friday, September 27, 2013

8-9 pm (edt)

Robert D'Earlesville & The Scavengers will inhabit the WTJU Studios on September 27 for an acoustic Lambeth Live concert.

Photo by G. Milo Farineau


Robert D'Earlesville, aka Bob Girard, has been a fixture of the local music scene since the early 1970's, having fronted the seminal rock and roll band Captain Tunes as well as the country/dead/jam band The Hawaiians, the 80's rock and roll band Johnny Sportcoat And The Casuals, the "all Dead all the time" jam band Alligator and his current r&r band The Gladstones.

Bob has been writing and recording his original material for over 30 years, most recently the cd's "Decline And Fall Of John Q Sportcoat", "It Gets Weirder Every Year" and his most recent "SunGinChocolate".

Bob will be joined on Sept 27 by a few of the many dozens of musicians with whom he's appeared on stage over the years, and will be highlighting some of his newer, acoustic-driven music. Bob will offer a money back guarantee for this special show.

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