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Acme Swing Mfg Co



on Lambeth Live

Friday, December 27, 2013

4:30 pm (edt)

The grooving sounds of ACME Swing Mfg Co. will get you moving Friday, December 27, when they get the WTJU airwaves jumping with their Lambeth Live concert.

ACME’s powerhouse lineup includes the voice of Mary Beth Revak, (and sometimes her body’s there too) and Central Virginia’s own stunning Marla Palma, heavenly Haywood Giles on saxophones, Victor “The Wizard” Lee on clarinet,  Jim “The Perfesser” Howe on percussion, Bob “Bluesman” Driver on guitar and C’ville ‘s wildly popular returnee Chris Dammam on upright.    Our good friend Bob Bowen fills in on bass when Chris is unavailable.

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