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The Buzzard Hollow Boys



Friday, September 6, 2013

8-9 pm (edt)



A new program, Lambeth Live, comes to the WTJU airwaves starting in September. From 8-9 each Friday night a different musical group from around Central Virginia will take over the WTJU studios for an hour long live concert. There will be Classical, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Rock, World and more, with the country blues sounds of the Buzzard Hollow Boys kicking things off on Friday, September 6.

The Buzzard Hollow Boys are based in Charlottesville, a central Virginia town known for harboring a fair number of aspiring local and migrant musicians. It is in this town that the four members of the Buzzard Hollow Boys met some twenty odd years ago.

Back then the drinking age was 18, a fact that contributed to a vibrant club scene supported largely by college students. It was at this time that T.A. formed a band called The Urgents that included Jeff Saine on electric guitar. The music was played fast and influenced by REM and other alt-rock bands on the cusp at the time. Eventually this band morphed into a band called Wolves in the Kitchen also with T.A. and Jeff. It was in this band that Jeff decided to take up lap steel and accordion, instruments that complimented a slightly different musical direction and a bend that was influenced by Townes Van Zandt, The Flying Burrito Brothers, and Doug Sahm, to name a few. It was during this run that Kurt Dressel joined the band on electric guitar. Kurt and T.A. worked together at The Virginian restaurant, down on the UVA corner, but that's another story.

All things run their course it's been said, and so The Hanks were formed with Kurt, T.A. and a bass player named Sonny Layne. Sonny played bass for one of Charlottesville's favorite bands The Casuals. T.A. also played in another local favorite The Stoned Wheat Things. Sonny and Jeff also became part of a band that backed up another local favorite in the Terri Allard Band. All four of these musicians converged in a band called Spike Jr. and his Saddle Sores, Charlottesville's one and only Western Swing band. Which brings us more or less to the present - The Buzzard Hollow era. An amalgam of twenty odd years of musical influence. The Buzzard Hollow Boys are:

  • Tim "T.A." Anderson - lead vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Sonny Layne - upright and electric bass
  • Jeff Saine - pedal steel, lap steel and accordion
  • Kurt Dressel - electric and acoustic guitar

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