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Downbeat Project on Folk & Beyond, June 6



on Folk & Beyond

Thursday, June 6, 2013

4:30 pm (edt)



The Downbeat Project will stop by WTJU Thursday, June 6, for a visit to Folk & Beyond. They will be doing a free late night show the following night at Rapture's on the Charlottesville downtown mall.

The Downbeat Project consists of five musicians who put their heart and soul, their sweat and tears, their laughs and joys into the music they play. Every beat and word holds a constant strength and unwavering groove that listeners can’t stray away from. This summer, they have been busy in the studio, continuing to twist and turn their ideas in order to create the natural and essential groove that has become what folks know very well as the Downbeat sound. As monthly, musical residents at Maya on Main St, and having played at venues such as the Southern, the Jefferson and festivals around the area, the Downbeat Project has been hitting it hard, capturing their fans and not letting them go, every time seeing more new faces along with old ones coming back for more.

Clarence Green, the sole songwriter and lyricist for the band, garners attention from many a audience member and critic with his heartfelt and deeply personal songs about love, life and the community that we exist within. Then add a layer of harmony singers and the unique instrumentation of mandocello with Zack Blatter, lead guitar with Landon Fishburne, Gerald Soriano on the bass and harmony vocals, and Paul Rosner on percussion, and you have one sweet bed for Green’s soulful voice and imaginative guitar hooks to lie upon. Lest you forget, all the while, each of their songs making you dance and move yourself around the room.

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